Episodes (11)

S1 E1009/18/17

The Virgin Sacrifice
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While Olivia fights the wraiths and Bobo helps Fiji find an unexpected path to safety, Manfred calls on powerful forces in a final attempt to stop the apocalypse and save Midnight.

S1 E909/13/17

Riders on the Storm
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As the veil breaks open and Midnight is engulfed by a sandstorm, the Midnighters rally around Fiji to protect her from the demon coming to claim her.

S1 E809/11/17

Last Temptation of Midnight
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As the fraying of the veil to Hell brings out the Midnighters' darkest impulses, Manfred finds himself at a crossroads, and a faceless demon journeys to Midnight to make a deadly sacrifice.

S1 E709/04/17

Angel Heart
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When a dangerous fallen angel arrives in Midnight, Joe must trust his neighbors with the truth about why he's hunted, leading the other Midnighters to confront long-held secrets of their own.

S1 E608/28/17

Blinded by the Light
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The disappearance of another young woman leads the Midnighters to unearth dark secrets about their town, including the presence of a serial killer in their midst.

S1 E508/21/17

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Manfred turns to Olivia for help when his dark past finally catches up to him, and Bobo must confront his own troubled history after the Sons of Lucifer kidnap Fiji.
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