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NEWS1 E16 | 02/18/19
S1 E16 | 02/18/19
Estimated Time of Departure
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Michaela, Ben, Zeke and Saanvi all have the same calling. After another panic attack, Saanvi is finally ready to see a therapist, but it may not be what's best for her. An ominous new link appears between Griffin and the 828 passengers.
NEWS1 E15 | 02/11/19
S1 E15 | 02/11/19
Hard Landing
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Another non-passenger appears to have come back from the dead, and Ben, Michaela and Saanvi want to know why: Why now? Why him? This mystery-man is also having callings. Plus, Saanvi experiences PTSD.
NEWS1 E14 | 02/04/19
S1 E14 | 02/04/19
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Ben and Michaela try to figure out what Zeke's return means in the bigger picture. Meanwhile, Cal has another ominous calling and is nervous to connect with Zeke. Saanvi gets a frantic visit from someone looking to her for hope and salvation.
NEWS1 E13 | 01/28/19
S1 E13 | 01/28/19
Cleared for Approach
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Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared for two years and may be one of them. Ben's family is impacted as public disdain for the passengers of Flight 828 rises.
NEWS1 E12 | 01/21/19
S1 E12 | 01/21/19
Vanishing Point
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Ben and Grace rush upstate to find a kidnapped Cal, using his drawings as clues to his whereabouts; meanwhile, Michaela arrests and interrogates a traitorous Autumn, who may know more than she is letting on about Cal's disappearance.
NEWS1 E11 | 01/14/19
S1 E11 | 01/14/19
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Captain Daly is desperate to prove that he is not at fault for the disappearance of Flight 828, and he needs Ben's help to clear his name. Michaela unknowingly lets a traitor into her home, endangering her family.
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