Making It

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NEWS2 E8 | 12/11/19
S2 E8 | 12/11/19
You Made It!
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The final three Makers create a three-dimensional party invitation that celebrates a unique occasion for a loved one in the Faster Craft; then only one is named Master Maker, when they must design that exact party in the Master Craft.
NEWS2 E7 | 12/11/19
S2 E7 | 12/11/19
A Shed Hack Staycation
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Makers must transform an ordinary tool shed into a dream destination, a space representing their ideal vacation getaway; it's a good old-fashioned shed hack, "staycation" style.
NEWS2 E6 | 12/10/19
S2 E6 | 12/10/19
Hopes and Dreams
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The Makers will create a piggy bank in the form of the very item they are saving for; then in the Master Craft, they'll tap into their inner child to design a fun and unique bedroom any kid would enjoy.
NEWS2 E5 | 12/09/19
S2 E5 | 12/09/19
Work and Play
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The Makers transform an ordinary grocery store cake into an extraordinary confection using candy and different cake-decorating materials in the Faster Craft; then in the Master Craft, they must turn a boring cubicle into an inspirational workspace.
S2 E4 | 12/05/19
S2 E4 | 12/05/19
Wreathy Street
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The Makers celebrate the holidays with Nick and Amy by, first, making a wreath out of unconventional materials for the Faster Craft; then, building an interactive lawn display to showcase their favorite holiday for the Master Craft.
S2 E3 | 12/04/19
S2 E3 | 12/04/19
Best Friends
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For the first time, the Makers will pair up in the Faster Craft to create a coordinated couple's costume; then, in the Master Craft, they'll each show off their love for a furry friend as they make a house for a special animal in their lives.
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