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S3 E1312/12/18

Little Big Holiday Special
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Angelica, a powerhouse singer; Sofia, a violinist; Miles, a gospel singer; Little Buddy and Reagan, an Internet sensation; Kaylee, a singing superstar; and Charlotte, a soul singer, join host Steve Harvey for a spectacular holiday event.

S3 E1207/12/18

Double the Fun
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Antonio and Paco, identical twin singers; Makhi, a movie quote expert; the Star Power Cloggers; Yaxeni and Ricardo, musicians; Beatrix, the "Cotton Candy Girl"; Charlotte and Sage, dancers; and Kadan and Brooklyn, magicians, join host Steve Harvey.

S3 E1107/05/18

Brotherly Love
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Mason, a space expert; Anwen, a piano virtuoso; Bunchie, a super athlete; Griffin and Turner, brothers and Internet sensations; Danica, a Spanish web performer; and EmiSunshine, a country singer, join Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S3 E1006/28/18

Steveosaurus Rex
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Cash, a singer; Daliyah, a book enthusiast; Jianyu, a Rubik's Cube prodigy; Carina Rose and Nate, an aerial dancer and a gymnast; Leo, a four-year-old dinosaur expert; and Libby, a champion logroller, join Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S3 E906/21/18

Give Us S'mores
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Justin-Lee, a jazz musician; Cha Cha, a five-year-old fitness instructor; Romanieo, a science whiz; Blayze and Tinley, a cowboy and cowgirl; Chloe, a dog trainer; and the TNT Boys, a singing trio, join Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S3 E806/14/18

Little Ninja Warrior
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Caleb, a six-year-old gospel singer; Maesi, a hip-hop dancer; Tyler, a painter; Nev, a voice-over artist; Adam, an Irish snooker player; and Lylah, a little ninja warrior, join Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.
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