Episodes (6)

S1 E607/26/17

Never Too Old to Dream Big
Chris, the trick roper; Kelvin, the contortionist; Tommy, the tube sock dancer; Dali, the pole dancer; Chipps, the comedic magician; and Fred and his inflatable theater join host Steve Harvey.

S1 E507/19/17

Young at Heart
Competitive eaters Richard and Carlene; Velma, the yodeling grandma; Leon, the hand balancer; Bob, the pickpocket; Penny, the burlesque dancer; and Bob the archer join host Steve Harvey.

S1 E407/12/17

Jaws of Life
Howard, the world's fastest omelet maker; Beverly, a 78-year-old blues guitarist; Bob, the shadow master; Ernestine, the 81-year-old bodybuilder; viral stars Gramma and Ginga; and Rebecca, the circus performer, join host Steve Harvey.

S1 E307/05/17

103 Years Young
Johanna, the world's oldest gymnast; gospel quartet Masters of Harmony; viral stars Grandma Lill and Kevin; Dorothy, the oldest living showgirl; Deb, the Australian spoon player; and The Amazing Sladek join host Steve Harvey for an exciting night.

S1 E206/28/17

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
Jean, the silver-screen swing dancer; Maria, the feisty Italian chef; Nat, the jump-rope king; Bonnie the blue-ribbon caller; Joe, the sand artist; and Franco, the Italian rollerblader join host Steve Harvey for a night of excitement and laughs.

S1 E106/21/17

Forever Young
Carla, the high-flying great-grandma; Larry, the plumber-turned-opera singer; Arthur, the tap-dancing legend; Shirley, the viral gospel phenomenon; and Chipps, the comedy magician join host Steve Harvey for a night of awe-inspiring performances.