S19 E1904/18/18

Sunk Cost Fallacy
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When SVU discovers the truth about the disappearance of a mother and daughter, Benson is caught between the law and her own sense of morality; meanwhile, Stone struggles to make a decision about his ill sister's health.

S19 E1804/11/18

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When a prostitute is beaten and raped, SVU looks inside the Army for the perpetrator; Benson must crack a tough witness who doesn't want to talk; and Rollins is vexed by SVU's efforts to help a "hooker."

S19 E1703/21/18

Send in the Clowns
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When a 16-year-old musical prodigy goes missing during her class trip to New York City, the SVU pursues a suspicious 22-year-old butcher for murder.

S19 E1603/14/18

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When a prank goes awry, a young girl ends up in the hospital with her life on the line. As the SVU investigates, a pediatric surgeon comes under fire for playing God with her patients, causing an ethical battle that leaves Benson deeply conflicted.

S19 E1503/07/18

In Loco Parentis
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When Carisi's niece is raped, he brings the SVU on the case, but he comes to regret his involvement as the case unfolds.

S19 E1402/28/18

Chasing Demons
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After an emotional outburst on the stand, Brian Cassidy is accused of murder - and Olivia is the only one who believes her ex-boyfriend is innocent.
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