S15 E2305/21/14

Spring Awakening
In the season finale, the fallout from Amaro's assault threatens to end his career - and triggers the return of Sergeant Munch.

S15 E2205/14/14

Thought Criminal
A proactive approach to targeting sexual offenders lands the squad in murky moral and legal territory. Joshua Malina, B.D. Wong and Nia Vardalos guest star.

S15 E2105/07/14

Reasonable Doubt
A child is caught in the middle of a famous couple's nasty divorce. Bradley Whitford, Geraldo Rivera and Ann Curry guest star.

S15 E2004/30/14

Post-Mortem Blues
Internal Affairs targets Benson when evidence in the Lewis suicide points to murder.

S15 E1904/09/14

Beast's Obsession
William Lewis escapes from prison to terrorize Benson in a thrilling final showdown between the psychopath and his favorite victim. Pablo Schreiber guest stars.

S15 E1804/02/14

Downloaded Child
A troubled young woman struggles to recover her own repressed history of child abuse - and leads SVU to a shocking discovery.
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