S14 E2405/22/13

Her Negotiation
Benson faces off against a demented psychopath with a knack for manipulating the legal system to get away with murder.

S14 E2305/15/13

Brief Interlude
When a woman is brutally assaulted at a music festival, the SVU detectives must track down her attacker using the few pieces of evidence at their disposal.

S14 E2205/08/13

Poisoned Motive
When Rollins is shot by an elusive sniper, the SVU orchestrates a citywide manhunt to search for a ruthless cop killer.

S14 E2105/01/13

Traumatic Wound
When a teenaged girl is brutally assaulted at a rock concert, the SVU must work with their best witness, a Gulf War veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

S14 E2004/24/13

Girl Dishonored
When a local college student is sexually assaulted, the SVU detectives utilize every trick they have to uncover a massive conspiracy involving the university's top administrators.

S14 E1904/03/13

Born Psychopath
The SVU detectives race against the clock to stop a clinically psychopathic boy with homicidal tendencies.
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