Law & Order: Los Angeles

Detective Rex Winters

Played by Skeet Ulrich

Character Bio

Detective Rex Winters was born and raised in L.A. His father was a detective under Chief Gates and a patrolman on the front lines in the Watts Riots. Winters served in the Marines after high school. He found peace of mind in the controlled order of military procedure.

Winters joined the department in 1992, and was on the job six weeks when the Rodney King riots occurred. The riots shaped his entire philosophy of policing: his job is to draw a clean line between right and wrong. Winters got to RHD early. His family connections gave him a hook, but he also has natural cop intuition, a sense of how the pieces can and should fit together.

As much as Winters seeks to impose order in his work life, he has – without intention – built a rather messy personal life. He married his first wife while still in the military. They had two kids. Winters was not a philanderer, but when he got to RHD and was partnered with Casey Ryan, things went sideways. Eventually Winters and Casey moved in together, got married, and had a kid. Casey didn't want a stranger raising their child so she quit the force and became a stay-at-home mom. This decision is new enough that Casey hasn't quite settled all her conflicted feelings about it. Culturally, Winters doesn't pay attention to movies, TV or celebrity culture.

Recently, while working on a multiple homicide case, where nine people were murdered in broad daylight, Winters was killed by his prime suspect. He was eating dinner at home with his family at the time.


Actor Bio

Skeet Ulrich stars in the new Dick Wolf drama Law & Order: Los Angeles as Detective Rex Winters, a former Marine with the intuition of a natural cop.

A compelling and engaging actor, Ulrich makes an indelible impression through his unique ability to convey the true complexities of his characters.

Ulrich was last seen starring in Sony Screen Gems "Armored" from director Nimród Antal, alongside Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne and Jean Reno. He played Dobbs, an armored truck company employee who's involved in a major heist.

Previously, Ulrich starred for two seasons as Jake Green in the drama "Jericho," which made TV history as only the second show ever to be renewed following cancellation of the first season.

His past film credits include Jim Brooks' critically acclaimed film "As Good As It Gets," Ang Lee's Civil War-era drama "Ride With the Devil," and a breakout role in Wes Craven's hit horror film "Scream." Additionally, he appeared in "The Newton Boys," "The Craft," "Nobody's Baby," "Albino Alligator," "Chill Factor," "Soul Assassin," "Anasazi Moon," "Takedown," "Kevin of the North," "A Soldier's Sweetheart," "Last Dance," and "Boys."

On TV, Ulrich made his mark in the award-winning Steven Spielberg miniseries "Into the West," alongside Keri Russell, Josh Brolin and Matthew Settle. Ulrich had previously starred with Keri Russell in the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days," and his lead role on the short-lived, but critically acclaimed series "Miracles" made a lasting impression.

Born and raised in Virginia, Ulrich was discovered in a stage production at New York University by David Mamet. Ulrich worked as an apprentice to the legendary writer and director at the acclaimed Atlantic Theater Company, performing in a number of the company's productions, including "Reckless" and "Hedda Gabler." He also performed with the Naked Angels Theatre Company and with the Drama Department. Ulrich's transition to movies came courtesy of film director Stacey Cochran, who cast him in the ABC Afterschool Special "Same Difference," and subsequently in her writing/directing debut, "Boys."

Ulrich currently resides in Los Angeles with his two children.

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