Monday Recap -- Kanye West, Russell Wilson

Late Night with Seth Meyers put on an epic second show with Kanye West and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

The monologue kicked off the show, including all the ingredients for success: Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke, Cartoon Penises and Bitch Ass Ho’s.

It’s always a pleasure to hear what The 8G Band Leader Fred Armisen is cooking up. Tonight, it was the invention of an all-new sport, Statueing. And it’s totally real, and coming to a city near you.

After Seth told a story about a birthday man-boy, some bold audience members felt the need to take a stand about the direction of the show. If it proved anything, it’s that no matter what you do, you can’t make everyone happy...unless maybe they get their five minutes of fame.

Then Kanye West happened. He and Seth talked about his recent tour which just came to an end, which included the freeing effects of a good margiela mask. They do, after all make the best masks. Make sure to check out the rest of the interview which touches on Kanye’s ventures into fashion, his ability to see and paint sound and perhaps most importantly: in life, sometimes you have to be prepared for the eight year old girl to win the pumpkin contest.

While Russell may not be able to see sound, he certainly has great field vision. He and Seth talk about how Wilson helped Seattle win their first championship in Seahawks history, his time spent with Peyton as a 10th grader and what he and Seth DON’T have in common.

Then, Kanye came back out and performed a medley of all his hits, ranging back to “The College Dropout” all the way to “Yeezus.”

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