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S2 E2105/19/18

Wild Cologne
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Dylan Dreyer explores one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, Cologne, to uncover the people, culture and history that make this region so special and witness the amazing wildlife that calls this urban jungle home.

S2 E2005/12/18

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Dylan Dreyer tours one of the most ecologically diverse wetland habitats on Earth, the Okefenokee Swamp of southern Georgia, coming face-to-face with the American alligator, witnessing the regenerative power of fire, and discovering plants that bite.

S2 E1905/05/18

Spain North
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Dylan Dreyer tours northern Spain, over treacherous cliffs and majestic mountains, through ancient cities and rich culture, on an adventure where surprises wait around every corner and history reveals itself like never before.

S2 E1804/28/18

Fire Ants
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Host Dylan Dreyer explores the fearless and fearsome fire ant to discover the amazing ways these tireless creatures survived over the eons, and she meets the scientists hoping to unlock their secrets.

S2 E1704/21/18

Adventure in Thailand
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Dylan Dreyer makes an epic journey to Thailand's Khao Sok National Park, where she teams up with southern Thailand's head biologist as he protects endangered elephants and explores an intricate system of caves while looking for new bat species.

S2 E1604/14/18

The Mighty Pacific Ocean
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Dylan Dreyer takes a deep dive into the greatest ocean on Earth, revealing the secrets that swim beneath its waves and discovering how the Pacific Ocean powers the climates of the world and affects every living thing on Earth.
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