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S2 E1704/21/18

Adventure in Thailand
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Dylan Dreyer makes an epic journey to Thailand's Khao Sok National Park, where she teams up with southern Thailand's head biologist as he protects endangered elephants and explores an intricate system of caves while looking for new bat species.

S2 E1604/14/18

The Mighty Pacific Ocean
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Dylan Dreyer takes a deep dive into the greatest ocean on Earth, revealing the secrets that swim beneath its waves and discovering how the Pacific Ocean powers the climates of the world and affects every living thing on Earth.

S2 E1504/07/18

The Jungles of Germany
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Dylan Dreyer takes a breathtaking tour of Europe's most surprising waterway, the Wupper River, following its history from medieval times to the present day, and discovering the many ways wildlife has adapted and thrived through the centuries.

S2 E1403/31/18

Old Man River
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Host Dylan Dreyer travels through the vast Mississippi River Delta, from the Gulf of Mexico to the famous city of New Orleans, up the banks of plantations, past enchanted swamplands full of alligators, and finally into cattle country.

S2 E1302/10/18

Extreme Climates
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Host Dylan Dreyer explores some of the most intense and diverse environments on planet Earth, including the jungles of Southeast Asia, the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the mountain peaks of Africa and the frozen tundras of northern Sweden.

S2 E1202/03/18

The Surprise Salmon
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Host Dylan Dreyer journeys to the most active volcanoes of Alaska to explore a population of salmon unlike any other on Earth. Scientists have only just begun to piece together what might have happened nearly 2,000 years ago.
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