Journey with Dylan Dreyer


Episodes (26)

S1 E110/08/16

Adventure Alaska
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Dylan journeys through the ultimate story of survival, where life triumphs season after season in the breathtaking Alaskan frontier. We'll witness unspoiled landscapes and the raw power of nature as animals and people fight to survive.

S1 E210/15/16

Secrets of Ancient Egypt
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Dylan leads an epic exploration back through time to the world of ancient Egypt, where we'll discover ancient Egyptian life, beliefs and traditions - including the secrets of mummification.

S1 E310/22/16

The Great Amazon River
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Dylan explores the Amazon's rich animal life and meets the people who have survived in the brutal surrounding lands since the dawn of history, including medicine men who work deep within the jungle.

S1 E410/29/16

Amazing Migrations
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Follow monarch butterflies on an epic journey across North America, fly high with Canada geese heading south for the winter, join humpback whales along the California coast and watch a million red crabs march from the forest to the sea.

S1 E511/05/16

Dance of the Continents
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Dylan explores the most stunning and breathtaking locations on Earth, including Greenland, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, Tibet, Iguazu and the Amazon, recreating the geographic history of our planet.

S1 E611/12/16

Ultimate Wave Tahiti
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Dylan ventures to a French Polynesian paradise on a quest for the perfect wave-riding experience, visiting astounding coral reefs and enjoying a world-famous surf site.
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