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S2 E1001/20/18

The Wild World of Bugs
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Join host Dylan Dreyer on an adventure deep into the rainforests of Southeast Asia to follow the life cycles of some of our planet's insect species. We’ll meet mantises, beetles, butterflies and more, and watch them navigate their tiny worlds.

S2 E901/13/18

North American Adventure
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Join host Dylan Dreyer on an exciting journey into the wilderness of Alaska to meet a new family of black bears. Then, we'll explore the ecosystem of the Great Lakes and visit Yellowstone National Park.

S2 E811/18/17

Great North
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Host Dylan Dreyer reveals the far north as you've never experienced it before. We’ll hear the stories and music of the Inuit and the Sami, who live on the roof of the world in Canada and Sweden, and we’ll come face-to-face with reindeer.

S2 E711/11/17

Ash Runners
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Join host Dylan Dreyer on an epic journey to the volcanic island of New Britain, off the coast of Papua New Guinea. We’ll witness the incredible ways nature has learned to adapt as volcanic eruptions invade New Britain's habitat.

S2 E611/04/17

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Explore the spectacular beauty, geothermal activity and unique wildlife of the Yellowstone ecosystem with host Dylan Dreyer. We’ll travel back in time to meet the first people who lived in Yellowstone and take a trip with the historic Hunt party.

S2 E510/28/17

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Join host Dylan Dreyer for a journey into the heart, history, culture and religion of the Arabian Peninsula. We'll explore the ancient traditions and unique customs found nowhere else in the world.
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