S5 E109/16/08

Dying Changes Everything
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The team treats an executive assistant with mysterious symptoms; meanwhile, still mourning the death of his girlfriend, Wilson resigns from Princeton-Plainsboro, and House must determine if he is responsible for the death of his best friend's girlfri…

S5 E209/23/08

Not Cancer
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When several people die suddenly several years after receiving transplants from a single organ donor, House and the team rush to save the only two surviving recipients; House hires a private investigator to spy on Wilson and the team.

S5 E309/30/08

Adverse Events
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House and the team take on the case of a struggling artist with an undiagnosed illness that's distorting his perception and threatening his career; House continues to have a private investigator dig up dirt on everyone on his team.

S5 E410/14/08

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After receiving word that his father passed away, House reluctantly goes to the funeral; while there, House must work with the team via cell phone to diagnose a young woman who collapsed in China while on a trip to find her birth parents.

S5 E510/21/08

Lucky Thirteen
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Thirteen brings her date into Princeton-Plainsboro after the woman has a seizure, and House takes on her case; meanwhile, Foreman confronts Thirteen about her self-destructive lifestyle, and House's private investigator is hot on Wilson's trail.

S5 E610/28/08

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The team takes on the case of a sleepwalking patient experiencing unexplained blackouts; meanwhile, Cuddy plans to adopt a baby but notices that the birth mother has a strange rash on her arm, so she takes on the case as a doctor and potential mother…
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