S4 E109/25/07

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When an office building collapses, House must diagnose a young woman who survived the disaster, but without a team, he has to tackle the case on his own; meanwhile, Cuddy pressures House to hire a new team, and Wilson resorts to desperate measures.

S4 E210/02/07

The Right Stuff
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House reluctantly begins interviewing for the open positions on his team; meanwhile, a candidate for NASA's astronaut training program begs House to treat her in secret so that the space program will not know about her condition. Olivia Wilde guest s…

S4 E310/09/07

97 Seconds
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The final 10 fellowship candidates compete ferociously when House splits them into two teams; meanwhile, House experiments on himself to see what happens in the moments when people hover between life and death. Olivia Wilde and Kal Penn guest star.

S4 E410/23/07

Guardian Angels
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When a funeral home cosmetician has a seizure and hallucinates that the cadavers in the funeral home have come to life, House and the remaining fellowship candidates must figure out why. Olivia Wilde and Kal Penn guest star.

S4 E510/30/07

Mirror, Mirror
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While treating a patient they think is a hypochondriac, Foreman and the six candidates learn more about themselves than about the patient; meanwhile, Cameron and Chase gamble on which candidate House will cut next. Olivia Wilde guest stars.

S4 E611/06/07

Whatever It Takes
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When House is recruited by the CIA to diagnose a deathly ill agent, he uses some unorthodox methods to try to save his patient’s life; meanwhile, Foreman and the fellowship candidates race to diagnose a champion drag racer. Olivia Wilde guest stars.
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