S3 E109/05/06

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Back at work after recovering from multiple gunshot wounds, House takes on two cases simultaneously, one of which he pushes to the edge of medical treatment, prompting Cuddy and the team to question his motives.

S3 E209/12/06

Cane and Able
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House and the team fight to save a young boy who claims aliens are experimenting on him; meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson withhold the truth from House about his last case, and House's leg pain returns.

S3 E309/19/06

Informed Consent
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When a renowned medical researcher collapses, House and his team race to diagnose his condition and wrestle with an ethical dilemma when the patient asks them to help him end his life; meanwhile, the daughter of a patient develops a crush on House.

S3 E409/26/06

Lines in the Sand
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House takes the case of an autistic 10-year-old boy who screams for no apparent reason; meanwhile, House refuses to use his office after Cuddy makes a minor change, and the teenager with a crush on House becomes a nuisance.

S3 E510/31/06

Fools for Love
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House and his team must figure out what is causing similar symptoms in a young husband and his wife, and the couple is shocked when they learn the cause of their illness; meanwhile, a clinic patient stands up to House.

S3 E611/07/06

Que Será Será
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When a 600-pound man is admitted to the hospital after he is found in a coma, House and his team must look past their obese patient’s exterior in order to diagnose his illness; meanwhile, Tritter investigates House's prescription drug use.
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