S4 E109/21/09

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As "Volume 5 Redemption" begins, Claire struggles to adjust to her new life in college when a mysterious death thrusts her into the spotlight again, and Matt is haunted by an unexpected visitor seeking something he has lost.

S4 E209/21/09

Jump, Push, Fall
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While the heroes adjust to their new surroundings, a mysterious carnival clan, led by ringleader Samuel, sets their sights on familiar faces; meanwhile, Peter is called upon to aid an old friend.

S4 E309/28/09

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Peter faces unexpected consequences for his heroic acts and meets a reluctant new hero; Matt struggles with his internal demons as Sylar resurfaces; and Samuel attempts to recapture his late brother Joseph's memories. Louise Fletcher guest stars.

S4 E410/05/09

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As Hiro’s life continues to hang in the balance, he distracts himself with saving the lives of others; Angela tries to help the new "Nathan" remember his past; and Tracy works to get her old job back, but soon realizes she needs to make more of an im…

S4 E510/12/09

Hysterical Blindness
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Samuel prepares for new additions to his family; Claire discovers her roommate Gretchen has a hidden agenda; Peter finds an unexpected way to connect with Emma; and Sylar desperately tries to remember the person he used to be. Tessa Thompson guest st…

S4 E610/19/09

Tabula Rasa
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Sylar starts to rediscover his true identity under Samuel's guidance; Hiro helps Emma accept and understand the great possibilities of her ability; and Peter enlists H.R.G. to help find a healer who can save Hiro’s life. Ray Park guest stars.
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