S1 E109/25/06

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As a total eclipse casts its shadow, a young dreamer tries to convince his brother he can fly, a high school cheerleader learns she is indestructible and a genetics professor in India uncovers a secret theory about people living with superpowers.

S1 E210/02/06

Don't Look Back
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LA cop Matt Parkman hears the silent cries of a missing little girl at a gruesome crime scene; Niki thinks she's going crazy after she loses another block of time; Hiro investigates New York; and Nathan confronts Peter following his plunge off a buil…

S1 E310/09/06

One Giant Leap
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Claire tries to maintain a normal social life; Hiro convinces his friend Ando that they are destined to travel to America to save the world; Niki follows instructions from a mysterious source to the desert; and Matt and Suresh each hunt Sylar.

S1 E410/16/06

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Suresh finally tracks down one of his father's fabled "supermen"; Nathan pays a personal visit to a wealthy Vegas campaign contributor; Isaac's painting reveals great danger for Claire; and Matt is kidnapped by two men looking to gauge his abilities.

S1 E510/23/06

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Police question Niki about her fugitive husband; Claire confesses her secret to her father; Peter receives a life-changing message from future Hiro; and Suresh contemplates quitting his research as he makes plans to return to India.

S1 E610/30/06

Better Halves
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Hiro and his buddy are stopped by a Vegas high roller who offers a deal they can't refuse; H.R.G sets up a meeting between his daughter Claire and her biological parents; and Niki's husband returns after breaking out of prison. Nora Zehetner guest st…
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