Heroes Reborn


Episodes (14)

S1 E109/24/15

Pilot: Brave New World/Odessa
Two-hour series premiere. A year after a mysterious terrorist attack decimates the city of Odessa, Texas, humans with extraordinary abilities find themselves blamed, hunted and on the run.

S1 E109/24/15

Brave New World
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After Mohinder Suresh is blamed for a deadly terrorist attack that decimates Odessa, Texas, EVOs find themselves hunted, including a high school student named Tommy, a war veteran in Los Angeles and a Japanese girl who discovers a powerful sword.

S1 E209/24/15

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Tommy uses his powers to save himself and his friend Emily from a couple intent on killing EVOs; H.R.G. returns to Primatech's original location in Odessa looking for answers; and Carlos makes a shocking discovery while going through his brother's no…

S1 E310/01/15

Under the Mask
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H.R.G. and Quentin unearth clues from Primatech's past; Luke and Joanne continue their deadly vendetta; Miko fights a formidable foe; and Molly Walker is captured by Renautas.

S1 E410/08/15

The Needs of the Many
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Renautas reveals its plan to harvest EVOs, while H.R.G. and Quentin look to save Molly Walker; El Vengador rises from the ashes; Malina leaves the Artic and discovers a new ability; and Tommy attempts to save his mother.

S1 E510/15/15

The Lion's Den
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H.R.G., Taylor and Quentin confront Erica over her plan to exploit EVOs; Luke looks inward to finally face the reality of his son's death; Miko enters Renautas undetected with help from Ren; and Malina faces a deadly new threat.
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