Episodes (12)

S1 E1301/21/16

Project Reborn
In the finale, the heroes unite to save mankind - and try to stop Erica Kravid from realizing her twisted vision for the future.

S1 E1201/14/16

Company Woman
As the solar storms approach, Erica rushes to put her survival plan into action; Matt Parkman makes a desperate move to protect his family.

S1 E1101/07/16

Send in the Clones
Phoebe, Quentin and a Harris clone try to capture Malina and Luke; outside Sunstone Manor, Harris Prime and Miko face off in an epic sword duel.

S1 E1011/19/15

11:53 to Odessa
HRG, Malina and Luke race to find Tommy before Erica can exploit him for her master plan. Ren's quest to reunite with Miko reveals a surprising secret.

S1 E911/12/15

Sundae, Bloody Sundae
As HRG tries to help Tommy prepare to save the world, Carlos infiltrates Sunstone Manor and Taylor Kravid connects with Hero Truther. Greg Grunberg guest stars.

S1 E811/05/15

June 13th, Part Two
HRG, Hiro and Angela hatch a plan to thwart Renautas; Luke and Joanne begin their quest for vengeance. Christine Rose, Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg guest star.
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