S5 E2105/20/16

Beginning of the End, Parts One and Two
With Black Claw closing in around them, Nick and the gang prepare for a deadly showdown.

S5 E2005/13/16

Bad Night
With Adalind and Kelly gone, Nick sets his sights on taking down Renard. Plus, Hank and Zuri's relationship takes an unexpected twist.

S5 E1904/29/16

The Taming of the Wu
As Black Claw closes in, Wu's Lycanthrope bite causes unforeseen consequences.

S5 E1804/22/16

Good to the Bone
A terrifying Wesen with the ability to liquefy and remove bones from a body begins attacking Portland.

S5 E1704/15/16

After a severed head is found under a bridge, Nick and Hank search for a Japanese Wesen seeking revenge.

S5 E1604/08/16

The Believer
Nick and Hank investigate an evangelical preacher who uses his Wesen identity to grow his flock, while Eve gets closer than ever to Renard.
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