S4 E2205/15/15

Cry Havoc
Following Juliette's latest betrayal, Nick, Monroe, Hank, Wu and Trubel take the fight directly to her and the royals.

S4 E2105/08/15

Henrietta's murder brings Nick and Hank closer to finding the Jack-the-Ripper killer. Plus, Juliette crosses a line she can't come back from.

S4 E2005/01/15

You Don't Know Jack
A Jack the Ripper-style killer plagues Portland while Adalind and Rosalee work together to create a remedy for Juliette.

S4 E1904/24/15

Iron Hans
While investigating a deadly Wesen rite of passage, Nick finds hope for Juliette in the last person he expected.

S4 E1804/17/15

The Native American legend of the Mishipeshu, an underwater panther, comes to life with Hank as its unwitting host.

S4 E1704/10/15

Nick, Hank and Wu race against the clock to find a Wesen that freezes to death in the cold while Juliette seeks revenge against Adalind.
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