S3 E2105/16/14

Blond Ambition
Monroe and Rosalee make the final preparations for their wedding day, but Adalind is hatching a scheme of her own.

S3 E2005/09/14

The Inheritance
Nick receives a treasure trove of books and items from another Grimm, who is being hunted by the Verrat.

S3 E1905/02/14

My Fair Wesen
Nick enlists Monroe and Rosalee to train Trubel on the world of Wesen, but the young Grimm can't stay away from the action.

S3 E1804/25/14

Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen
Nick's world is rocked when a mysterious drifter named Trubel arrives in Portland.

S3 E1704/11/14

The Law of Sacrifice
The gang circles the wagons to defend Adalind's baby against an attempted kidnapping from The Royals.

S3 E1604/04/14

Adalind returns to Portland with Nick's mother to face off against the Royals.
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