S2 E2205/21/13

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
As Juliette begins to fully embrace Nick's life as a Grimm, Eric Renard's undead plot threatens to bring all of Portland to a panicked halt. Meanwhile, Adalind makes a desperate push to get her powers back.

S2 E2105/14/13

The Waking Dead
Nick and Hank rush to stop a dangerous man assembling an "undead army," as Monroe and Rosalee finally show Juliette their Grimm sides. In Vienna, Adalind tries to sell her unborn baby in exchange for her lost powers.

S2 E2005/07/13

Kiss of the Muse
Nick falls victim to a muse-like Wesen who's dangerously captivating. Meanwhile, Juliette's feelings towards Nick intensify as her memories come back.

S2 E1904/30/13

Mysterious cow mutilations put Nick on a case that forces him to question the existence of aliens within the Wesen world. Meanwhile, Nick digs further into the key, and Juliette's romantic memories of Nick start coming back in a big way.

S2 E1804/26/13

A new fiery Wesen is out for anyone who steals volcanic rock from its mountain.

S2 E1704/05/13

One Angry Fuchsbau
Rosalee is called to jury duty and takes on a lawyer with unusual powers of persuasion.
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