Episodes (6)

S2 E611/02/17

Pool Show
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When Jeremy invites Katie on a real live stakeout, a suspicious Carol recruits Greg to stake out the stakeout. Chuck forms an unlikely friendship with Portia's fiancé, Carvell.

S2 E510/26/17

Night of the Living Screen
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Feeling pressured to impress her married New Jersey friends with her hip NYC lifestyle, Katie tries to blow up her Instagram by hanging out with Portia at a super hip Halloween party. Cecily Strong guest stars.

S2 E410/19/17

Award Show
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Katie is so worried her mom Carol will ruin her big night at the journalism awards that she almost ruins her own big night. Reid Scott and Christopher McDonald guest star.

S2 E310/12/17

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Just as Diana is promoted out of MMN, she ignites a sexual harassment scandal, leaving Katie unsure who to believe. Carol is promoted to head intern. Tina Fey guest stars.

S2 E210/05/17

Squad Feud
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Portia sparks a squad feud with Diana; Greg challenges Katie to produce the news (it's way harder than she thought), which Carol uses to push them closer together. Tina Fey guest stars.

S2 E109/28/17

Boardroom Bitch
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Tough new boss Diana St. Tropez has big plans to drag The Breakdown kicking and screaming into the 21st century - and she's just the kind of role model Katie's been looking for.