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Contestant Bio

Age: 9
Hometown: Jupiter, Florida

Treasure is a 9-year-old from Jupiter, Florida. Treasure has a photographic memory, which makes her unstoppable when it comes to spelling. With a big personality and a lot of sass, Treasure does everything in style. The oldest of four siblings, Treasure is the leader of the pack at home and loves to spend time with her family fishing and jumping on the trampoline. She's a champion tumbler and currently holds first place in the state.

Age: 12
Hometown: New Hyde Park, New York

Sebastian is a 12-year-old from New Hyde Park, New York. Sebastian has a passion for architecture. He can look at any building and immediately see the structural way it is built, and then replicate that with his building blocks at home. He's also an avid violist and was just accepted into programs at elite music schools Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music and the Mannes School of Music. When he's not studying or playing viola, Sebastian loves to watch soccer on TV and recently taught himself Spanish so he could watch some of his favorite teams and understand the commentary.
Age: 12
Hometown: San Jose, California

Apoorva is a 12-year-old from San Jose, California. Apoorva is known to many as the "Human Calculator" and can solve any math problem in her head - often faster than a calculator. In fact, she has a math IQ that is estimated to be the same as Albert Einstein's. When she's not participating in math competitions, Apoorva can be found sketching portraits in her room, listening to Niall Horan and doing kung fu. 

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