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Genius Junior
Genius Junior
Genius Junior

About the Show

Variety, Family and Kids
TV-G 43 min | 2018

About the Show

Neil Patrick Harris hosts the exciting new game show "Genius Junior," which celebrates the brightest children in America. This one-hour competition series is the ultimate test of intelligence and endurance.

Twelve teams of the most incredible children in the country, ages 8 to 12, will take the stage to compete in a series of increasingly complex quizzes with the goal of being crowned Genius Junior. 

The average adult relies on Google Maps to get them to their destination, their calculator for simple math problems and autocorrect for spelling errors. What if they had to memorize the entire U.S. highway system, do mind-bending math equations or spell incredibly complex words - backwards - all on their own? What if they had to do this against the clock? The talented "Genius Junior" cast members will tackle these and other challenging scenarios.

Over four rounds, with each round tougher than the last, teams of three will have to work together to beat the competition. Each episode's winning team will then get to take on The Cortex - the toughest test of smarts on the planet - to build up their prize fund. It's not enough to win a spelling bee, be a mathlete or even a memory champion. To win "Genius Junior," you have to be brilliant at everything.

The winning team will take home a "Genius Junior" grant that will set the stage for a big and bright future that lies ahead.

Neil Patrick Harris, Pam Healey, John Hesling, Phil Parsons and Ed Egan executive produce. "Genius Junior" is produced by Shed Media in association with Prediction Productions.


Series Premiere
Sunday, March 18 at 9/8c

Day & Time
Sundays 9/8c

Neil Patrick Harris

Executive Producers
Neil Patrick Harris, Pam Healey, John Hesling, Phil Parsons, Ed Egan

Co-Executive Producer
Shyam Balsé

Shea Martin, Zoe Chapin

Ryan Polito 

Consulting Producer
Wylleen May, Melissa Stokes

Executive in Charge
Vicky Bramley

Senior Producer (Games)
Eric Pierce

Chelsea Holeman, Ryan Sommer, Katie Paysinger

Creative Producer
John DeTemple            

David Boone

Supervising Story Producer
Joelle Luman

Senior Story Producer
Kate Griendling

Casting Director
Matt Vener

Production Managers
Jamie Lovewell, Jace Davis, Alan Brooks    

Production Designer
Anton Goss

Art Director
Zeya Maurer

Lighting Director
Matt Firestone

Los Angeles, California

Produced By
Shed Media in association with Prediction Productions 

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