Episodes (8)

S1 E1006/05/16

She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
It all ends here. On the explosive season finale, the crew pulls together for their final chance at vengeance, and no one will emerge unscathed.

S1 E906/02/16

The Truth
Faced with going to prison again for Bobby's murder, Gil resorts to desperate measures to get revenge on Ray Carroll. Marina learns the whole truth about Quitman.

S1 E806/02/16

Gil and Jessie get their most explosive evidence yet on Carroll. The game of revenge has Jackson and Shawn losing their grip.

S1 E705/19/16

Road Trip
Jackson, Jessie, Gil and Shawn knew that exacting revenge would have a price, but they never imagined it could cost them everything.

S1 E605/13/16

Into the Black
Shawn puts his life on the line to avenge Boots' death. Marina learns the truth about Jackson's past. Jessie becomes Carroll's favorite volunteer.

S1 E304/21/16

Hurricane Gil
Unsatisfied with the taped confession already elicited, Gil goes to question Bobby again with disastrous results. Jackson continues the search for evidence to incriminate Warden Carroll.
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