Episodes (10)

S1 E908/18/13

New Scars, Old Wounds - Part 1
Dorn's investigation heats up; a blast from Hickman's past gets him framed for murder.

S1 E1008/18/13

New Scars, Old Wounds - Part 2
Anne-Marie goes missing, and Dorn has a revelation, thanks to a meeting with Dimitrov.

S1 E808/11/13

Desperation and Desperados
Eva's family connections prove helpful in taking down a mass-murdering Italian drug lord.

S1 E707/28/13

The Animals
Hickman is taken hostage in a bank robbery... which is anything but a bank robbery.

S1 E507/14/13

Special Ops, Part 1
The ICC swings into action to find a wealthy teen who's been kidnapped.
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