Professor Buzz Hickey

Played by Jonathan Banks

Actor Bio

Jonathan Banks stars as Professor Buzz Hickey on NBC's comedy "Community." A criminology teacher, Hickey is practical and intense, with a mysterious career in traumatic military and police work under his belt.

 Born in Washington, D.C., Banks' career has spanned five decades in film, television and theater.

 Banks began his career in the musical "Hair" in 1968. Among his hundreds of film and television credits are "Beverly Hills Cop," "48 Hours," "Dark Blue," "Flipper," "Freejack" and "Reign Over Me."

 Most recently, he starred in the acclaimed drama "Breaking Bad" as Mike "The Cleaner" Ehrmantraut, a role that earned him an Emmy Award nomination.

He was also nominated for an Emmy in 1989 for his role as Frank McPike in "Wiseguy."