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Don’t Answer the Phone

Olivia's son, Cole, is in the yard talking to Ian, just out of view of his mother. Ian is establishing a friendly report with Cole, who has no idea who Ian really is. The two talk about soccer and Cole's school life. Olivia spots Cole in the yard and rushes out to see whom he's talking to. Ian flees before Olivia can see him, and Cole says he was talking to a man, but he doesn't know whom the man was.

On his way home, Ian leaves Jason a message telling him that he took a few days off of work and that he has big plans in store. The next day, Jason wakes up behind the wheel of an expensive Ferrari, with a dog and a sex doll riding in the passenger seat. Dr. Mercado tells Jason that it will take him a few months to come up with a new serum to keep Ian at bay.

Jason apologizes again to Lena and asks her to give him a chance to rebuild their friendship. Jason discovers that the trunk of his new Ferrari is filled with stacks of drug money. He receives a phone call from a drug dealer, who threatens to find Jason and kill him. He leaves Lena on the side of the road and heads off to find the car.

Later, Jason meets with his patient, Ruby, a little girl with a brain parasite. When Ruby begins to experience complications, Jason opts to postpone the operation rather than rush through it and sacrifice Ruby's vision. Lena steals the car that a homicidal drug dealer is currently searching for. To keep Lena safe, Jason agrees to meet with the drug dealer.

Ian takes over just in time to get beat up by the drug dealer, and Ian quickly realizes that Jason has set him up. The drug dealer gives Ian 12 hours to return his car and his money. Meanwhile, Dr. Jordan meets with an old college friend who used to work with Jason. Jordan digs for information about Jason, and his friend tells Jordan to look into Jason's research lab. Ian arrives at the hospital, finds Lena, gets his Ferrari back and heads out to meet the drug dealer.

Later, Dr. Jordan investigates Jason's lab. Dr. Marcado catches Jordan snooping around and kicks him out of the laboratory. Ian times his meeting with the drug dealer so that Jason takes over in the midst of it. Jason must pretend to be Ian to avoid being killed by the drug dealers. He manages to talk his way out of danger and leave with the drug dealer's Ferrari, which he sells in order to buy an expensive laser to save his patient, Ruby.

Jason returns to the hospital and successfully removes the parasite from Ruby's brain, saving her life. Dr. Young's daughter drops by the hospital to tell her that she's dropping out of her rehab program. Jason is disturbed by his ability to channel his inner-Ian. Olivia wakes up the next day to discover that Ian has given the dog to Cole.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 22:00
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Do No Harm



Short Synopsis

Jason wakes up with a Ferrari, a trunk full of drugs and an angry drug dealer hot on his trail.