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Good Luck with Your Death

After her traumatizing encounter with the assassin, Joanna can't sleep. Doing shots of scotch in the Bowers' kitchen, she's startled by Rayburn, who offers some veiled advice to watch herself. Clearly, Joanna's cover is unraveling. Will visits Edward to show him the Lyritrol file - a document incriminating the family business in the accidental medical deaths of multiple children, which he got off Andrei's jump drive. Will wants Edward to testify against his father, but Edward has plans to join his family in California. When Will explains exactly how he got his hands on the file, the revelation trips Edward up so that he gives a conflicting report of his alibi for the night Vivian died. Now he's a suspect again.

Robert holds a distinctive locket that belonged to his first wife Catherine, then flashes back to watching her play with young Julian and Vivian. In the present, Sofia wants to know why Robert invited Joanna back to the house after she lost his $500,000 and failed the polygraph. Robert wants Joanna close, in hopes of getting to the bottom of her deception. Changing the conversation, Robert gives Sofia some nice earrings and reiterates his commitment to their upcoming anniversary party. The next day, an anxious Edward storms over to Julian's loft to discuss his earlier run-in with Will. On her way out, Audrey admits to knowing about the kids who died in the Lyritrol trials. Since he didn't mention the kids at the press conference, Edward immediately asks Julian whether he told Audrey. He claims he didn't...

Desperate to control the fallout from the Lyritrol file leak, Robert suspects Joanna when his lawyers inform him about the internal leak. The only people who had access to the server room where the file was stored were the internal IT team, Edward and Robert, but Robert has no idea where the server room is. Oddly, his ID was swiped there on the same day Edward downloaded the file. Robert calls Joanna into his office to interrogate her about the past. Joanna answers confidently, but stumbles when Robert asks about the date of her wedding - the one part of her cover story that is true. She eventually recovers, and Robert sends her away; but Joanna's seriously worried that he may be on to her.

Upset about his encounter with Audrey, a distraught Edward visits Will at the office. Audrey knows how many kids died - how does she know? Will tells him to go home and relax. Edward's over-thinking. Meanwhile, Mia's at the hospital taking the blood test to determine whether her bone marrow is a match to Haverstock's. Kyle is there to offer her support, but the tension in the room between him and Haverstock is palpable. He wants nothing to do with the situation, but Mia is still in the dark.

Outside the Bowers Pharmaceutical building, Julian bumps into Joanna. It's clear they still have chemistry, but Julian's new girlfriend Audrey looms in the distance by the car with disapproving eyes. Joanna wants to know if their relationship is real, but all Julian will say is, "Maybe." Moments later, Nichole accosts Joanna, remarking how clearly hot she and Julian are for each other. Nichole wants to help with Joanna's investigation and claims she has valuable information - like Haverstock has cancer. Nichole's convinced Robert had her friend Remy killed and wants to avenge his death. Furthermore, when Audrey attended Cornell, she was known as "Holita" because she slept with all her professors. Reminding Nichole that she's jeopardizing both their safety, Joanna tells her to get lost.

Joanna tells Will that Audrey went to college with Ben Preswick, but he already knows thanks to Edward, who won't shut up about it. Will has all his focus set on building the case against Robert Bowers and wants Joanna to stop getting distracted by Audrey... and Julian. When Will lays into Joanna for accepting a ride home from the hospital from Julian, she knows he's acting out of jealousy, again. Claiming he only wants to protect his asset, Will advises her to act normal with Robert and forget about Julian. Turning on her heel, Joanna says, "Screw you, Will" and leaves.

Haverstock calls Robert with news: Mia's bone marrow is a match, so he'll message over the consent forms. To which Robert says, "I'm delighted to tell you to go die." Now Robert's holding both the golf club and Mia's bone marrow and feeling surprised by Haverstock's naivete. The backstabbing stuns the senator. Back at the office, Joanna discovers both Audrey and Ben Preswick graduated from Cornell in 2001. They have to be linked. She makes up an excuse and takes the rest of the day off. Meanwhile, Edward ambushes Audrey while she's at lunch with Frank. Though Edward doesn't have any formative evidence yet, he has deduced that Frank is going to make a bid for Bowers Pharmaceuticals. After Edward leaves, Frank asks Audrey for assurance regarding their planned merger with Bowers. She promises she won't fail.

A little more investigation on Joanna's part confirms her suspicion that Ben Preswick and Audrey were friends at Cornell. She visits Ben's sister Mary, who confirms that she inherited a lot of money from Ben; neither one of them are aware that Rayburn is tailing Joanna. Rayburn reports back to Robert, who informs that he has Joanna's mother on a plane to New York at that very moment. Meanwhile, Haverstock threatens Sofia, promising to move Wyatt's parole up to Saturday, unless she signs the medical consent form for Mia. Sofia's up against a wall here - if she doesn't sign it, Wyatt will be out of jail in time for the Bowers' anniversary party. It's a clear choice: Mia's bone marrow in exchange for the sanctity of Sofia's marriage.

Robert tries his hardest to convince Mia not to go through with the transplant. Not knowing what to believe, she asks Robert if he killed Vivian, breaking his heart. Haverstock's life is at stake. Not only is he Mia's birth father, but wasn't he once Robert's best friend? Robert flashes back: Haverstock meets a grief-stricken Robert moments before Catherine's funeral. They'll say Catherine crashed the car because of her ALS and the children will never know - just the way she wanted it. Later, Sofia signs Mia's consent form behind Robert's back.

Joanna stops by Julian's to plant her suspicions about Audrey, but she doesn't make a solid impression before Audrey shows up. When Audrey accuses Joanna of sabotaging her relationship with Julian, Joanna asks why Audrey didn't show at Ben's funeral. Audrey claims she has no idea who Joanna's talking about. Just as the bone marrow transplant is about to get underway, Kyle decides he's had enough of being Haverstock's mole. He tells Mia not to go through with the procedure, then confesses Haverstock's blackmail. Devastated, Mia bolts out of the hospital and straight to her mother's arms.

When Joanna returns to the Bowers' house, she's shocked to see her mother Beverly sitting with Robert. Joanna soon realizes Robert's true intentions for flying Beverly in: he wants to uncover more information about Joanna's past. The conversation becomes tense as Joanna struggles to keep her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's and dementia, from blowing her cover. Joanna spills a drink on her mother's lap, then rushed her out to her bedroom. Joanna begs Beverly to keep her mouth shut. Beverly begins to cry. She'll try her best, but with Alzheimer's it will be hard; and she doesn't like the situation at all.

Convinced he's being followed, a frantic Edward meets Will at a diner. He thinks Frank Drexler - the Kirschner-Sims version of his father Robert - is out to kill him. Audrey works for Frank, so Edward knows she's somehow involved as well. The revelation intrigues Will, but he's unconvinced since all the loose ends don't tie together. Why would Frank Drexler kill Vivian? Edward doesn't know, but he's got to keep moving and figure it out, or else he could be next. When Will advises Edward to go to California, he runs out of the diner.

On the day of the Bowers' anniversary party, Sofia gives Robert a passionate kiss, then proceeds to the Pennsylvania federal penitentiary to pay off a guard for a conjugal visit with Wyatt. As they passionately embrace, Sofia furtively slips a baggy of heroine into his back pocket. He's not getting out on parole any time soon.

At the anniversary party, Robert reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 while memories of Catherine loom large and Wyatt is caught with heroin in his pocket. Afterwards, the attendees head for the dining room. Joanna and Julian linger behind, and she lets him know she still has feelings for him. Audrey interrupts to call Julian to the dinner table, just as Will calls with a huge break. They traced a cell number from the Russian bakery pay phone to the Bowers house, and he's calling it now. It belongs to one of the party guests, and it's Joanna's job to find out who. With it goes the case. Julian pulls a phone out of his pocket... and hands it to Audrey, who excuses herself from the table to take the call, confirming Joanna's suspicions all along.

Haverstock calls Robert to a face-off in the Bowers' greenhouse during a thunderstorm. He's not sure why Robert's condemning him to death; could it be because he's the only living witness to Robert's first crime? Robert backpedals: that wasn't a crime; it was hell. He loved Catherine! But Haverstock points out Catherine's $2 billion came at the perfect time for Robert's company. Moreover, Vivian needed her father after Catherine's death, but she wound up crying on Haverstock's shoulder while Robert buried his grief between Sofia's thighs.

Later that night, Will stops by Edward's loft, admitting he's a little more open to his theory about Audrey. She was friends with Ben, and her phone called both Ben's assassin and Remy Colville, and the jump drive containing the Lyritrol file was found in Ben's assassin's car. Will thinks Audrey tried to trick Vivian into ruining Lyritrol. Maybe Vivian was supposed to be the pawn that brought down Robert, and Edward wound up finishing the job. Meanwhile, Audrey throws her cell phone into the Hudson. Back at the Bowers estate, Julian enters Joanna's room and passionately kisses her down onto the bed. He's made his choice.

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Monday, March 4, 2013 - 22:00
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Suspicious of Joanna, Robert flies in her mother for a visit. S. Epatha Merkerson guest stars.