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Scurrying through the hospital, Rizzo alerts Angela that it's 3:58. The two of them spring to action, weaving their way through the hallways. Frantic, Angela ignores a nurse asking for her help while an enormous Doberman licks her face uncontrollably. Flipping on the TV in the break room, the two flop on the couch to watch their favorite show. "Law of the Jungle," stars Adam Goldberg as a lawyer who's got a monkey sidekick, just like Rizzo. No wonder Rizzo likes the show so much!

Looking dapper in clean-cut suits, George and Rizzo stroll into the hospital. Rizzo's hands cover George's ears, acting as headphones that block out the city noise. Doug catches up with them in the elevator to ask George about checking out a trivia night at a local bar. George denies Doug's request; he has no interest in being a wingman. Over coffee, Dorothy excitedly tells the group she's finally figured out a name for her pet pig: Babe! It turns out Yamamoto has never seen the movie of the same name, so Dorothy plans a movie night at her place. In the emergency room, George takes care of Horatio, a beautiful cockatoo who's back at the hospital for the third time this month because he keeps eating chocolate, which is toxic to birds. George suspiciously eyes Horatio's posh, elderly owner, Sabrina, warning her to keep chocolate away from Horatio.

George gets an unexpected surprise when Sabrina's granddaughter, who's at the hospital to pick up Sabrina, turns out to be Tinsley, a gorgeous Page 6-style heiress. Doug spots her too, and as the two doctors try to distract one another from getting to her first, Tinsley's out the door. George ends their competition before it can even begin, telling Doug his friendship is far more important than a woman. In the break room, Angela and Rizzo are happily watching "Law of the Jungle" until the cable goes out. Angela freaks! That night everyone's supposed to come over to Dorothy's to watch Babe, but Juanita and Angela wind up cancelling. Dorothy's gone to great lengths and has plenty of food, so she invites Yamamoto to stay anyway. He happily goes straight for the pig cupcakes.

At the hospital, Angela giddily watches Gary the cable guy fix the television. Like a schoolgirl, she chucks her pen across the room just so she can see Gary bend over. When it's revealed that he's also a huge fan of "Law of the Jungle" (LOTJ for short), Angela's completely smitten. Gary gets called off to a cable emergency, leaving a love-struck Angela in his wake. The next day, George walks Sabrina, Tinsley and a now healthy Horatio to the elevators. Slyly, George asks Tinsley to go out to dinner, but she tells him she's already got a date tonight. She then waves happily to Doug and gets on the elevator. Frustrated Doug got to her first, George is less than happy the tables have turned.

At the nurse's station, Dorothy and Yamamoto happily plan their next movie date, meatloaf and "Mommy Dearest." When Yams is out of sight, Juanita informs Dorothy that Yams now thinks she's his girlfriend. Dorothy noticed he's been calling her "girlfriend" all the time, but she thought he was just being sassy! Juanita warns that Yamamoto is vulnerable since his marriage just ended. Dorothy remains skeptical, but Yams is moving quick: he just changed his relationship status on Facebook! Later that day, Horatio is back in the emergency room again. Sabrina claims all traces of chocolate have been swept clean from her house, but George knows Horatio must be getting his chocolate from someone. He tries to not so slyly interrogate Sabrina about Tinsley - what kind of guy does she normally go for? George just can't seem to believe that anyone would choose Doug over him!

Rizzo's watching LOTJ, when Angela rips out the cable chord and the show goes grey at a pivotal plot point. She tells Rizzo that Gary's downstairs and pleads with him to take one for the team. She just wants to get his phone number. Gary appears in the doorway, but by then, Rizzo's already fixed the cable. Gary is distraught; every minute he spends here is a minute someone decides to start watching television on the Internet! He leaves before Angela gets a chance to get his number, and she huffs out of the room, hurt. In the lab, Dorothy starts to sort things out with Yamamoto until he presents her with a beautiful scorpion pin that belonged to his grandmother (she doesn't know it's missing). He weeps as he hugs Dorothy and tells her how safe she makes him feel, especially after his ex-wife broke his heart.

As they prep for surgery, Doug's talking George's ear off about how much fun he's having with Tinsley, obviously trying to make George jealous. He also breaks the news about Dorothy and Yams. George scoffs: he's not jealous that Doug's dating a rich, spoiled socialite, until Doug reveals Tinsley's not that rich. Her grandmother plans on leaving her savings to the cockatoo, not Tinsley. A light bulb goes off in George's head. Tinsley is poisoning Horatio so that she'll wind up with Sabrina's fortune. Doug refuses to believe it. Dorothy begs Juanita to help her sort out the situation with Yamamoto. After all, she's meant to be Mrs. Dorothy Iglesias not Mrs. Dorothy Yamamoto!

When George walks in on Tinsley and Doug kissing in Doug's office, he pretends to be diabetic and orders Tinsley to give him chocolate, wanting further proof she carries around the food that's poisoning her grandmother's bird. Tinsley claims she doesn't eat chocolate and therefore has none, then rushes off to find George some orange juice. Doug can't believe the distance George is going to prove something that isn't true. Angela and Rizzo park in their usual spot on the couch watching LOTJ, but Angela can't seem to get Gary off her mind. In a heroic act of friendship, Rizzo smashes the cable box in the middle of watching his favorite show. Angela happily runs off to call Gary.

George sneakily swipes Tinsley's purse while she's not looking and demands Doug open it to see if there's chocolate in it. Doug refuses, but as he tries to pry the purse away from George, it opens, and a handful of chocolates spill out onto the table. At that second, Tinsley and Sabrina walk into the room. Doug yells at Tinsley for poisoning her grandmother's bird. She furiously tells him that it's her grandmother's purse and ends their relationship. As Doug runs after Tinsley, Sabrina admits to giving her bird a little bit of chocolate so she could keep returning to the hospital - a classic case of Munchausen syndrome. George promises to give custody of Horatio to Tinsley so Sabrina can still see him whenever she wants. He also invites her to stop by the hospital anytime, but to talk to Dorothy, not him.

Dorothy and Juanita play out their master plan. Juanita pretends she can't believe Dorothy stole Yams from her, and Dorothy claims she was powerless to resist. Yamamoto looks on in pure disbelief. He didn't realize he was so sought-after. Since their friendship is too strong to be trodden on by a man, Dorothy and Juanita promise neither of them can date Yamamoto, even if one of them dies. Meanwhile, Doug is upset that George ruined his relationship with Tinsley. George apologizes with a chocolate offering, but Doug wants him to admit that a sane, beautiful woman chose him over George. George admits defeat and suggests they hit up trivia night. Just then, they spot Tinsley flirting with Yamamoto; she really must be insane.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 20:00
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Animal Practice



Short Synopsis

George treats an ailing cockatoo with a chocolate problem.