S5 E1402/07/18

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When a college athlete is killed after protesting police brutality, Intelligence must navigate a politically charged investigation, which is further complicated by Woods' daughter's involvement.

S5 E1301/31/18

Chasing Monsters
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Intelligence teams up with a visiting detective to stop a brutal Salvadoran gang from infiltrating a local neighborhood, and Voight learns that the body of his son's murderer has been found.

S5 E1201/17/18

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When Atwater is taken hostage by drug dealers, Intelligence races against the clock to save him, and as Atwater struggles to survive, he also confronts a dark episode from his past with his fellow captive.

S5 E1101/10/18

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Burgess works with her first criminal informant to catch a ruthless pimp holding young women captive, but Upton questions how hard Burgess is pushing her CI.

S5 E1001/03/18

Rabbit Hole
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When Halstead's secret life with Camila lands him at the scene of a homicide, Halstead walks a dangerous line as he attempts to protect his relationship while working undercover to solve the case; meanwhile, Ruzek finally comes clean to Voight.

S5 E912/06/17

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While Intelligence works to take down an opioid ring responsible for the death of a prominent judge's daughter, Ruzek contemplates the ultimate betrayal.
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