S5 E711/15/17

Care Under Fire
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When a series of child kidnappings is linked to a former Army Ranger, Halstead convinces Voight to send him undercover, but as the case gets more personal, Upton grows concerned about Halstead's state of mind.

S5 E611/08/17

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Upton is challenged when a double homicide investigation forces her to work with a vice cop with whom she has a troubled history; meanwhile, Ruzek finds himself in a difficult situation.

S5 E510/25/17

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During the bust of a meth lab, Intelligence uncovers a kidnapping ring that targets children adopted from foreign countries; meanwhile, Voight continues to be suspicious of Dawson's actions, and Atwater struggles to keep his siblings safe.

S5 E410/18/17

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The investigation of a drug-related murder hits close to home for Atwater, and when Intelligence is stonewalled by the neighborhood's "no-snitch" culture, Ruzek crosses a line.

S5 E310/11/17

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The brutal murder of a young Latina woman forces Intelligence to confront the challenges of investigating and protecting illegal immigrants and puts Dawson and Voight at cross-purposes.

S5 E210/04/17

The Thing About Heroes
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When an officer she trained becomes a suspect in a terrorist attack, Burgess is determined to prove his innocence, as the Intelligence Unit races to stop another attack.
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