S4 E2305/17/17

Fork in the Road
After Bunny shows ties to a deadly crime, Lindsay faces a professional and personal dilemma that could end her career in Intelligence.

S4 E2205/10/17

Army of One
When an online vigilante group targets pedophiles, Intelligence must work to intercept a series of live-streamed killings.

S4 E2105/03/17

A ring of alarmingly young bank robbers hits Chicago, raising concerns for the Intelligence Unit; who is the mastermind behind this group of delinquent teens?

S4 E2004/26/17

Grasping for Salvation
Voight goes toe-to-toe with an old boss after learning that he may have caused an innocent man to serve a life sentence.

S4 E1904/05/17

Last Minute Resistance
After Burgess' sister Nicole is brutally assaulted, the team lends their full focus to catching the rapist; Burgess takes an active role in the investigation despite Voight's concerns.

S4 E1803/29/17

Little Bit of Light
A crime videographer is found dead, with his equipment and data destroyed - and the murder shows connections to a wealthy Chicago family with a long legacy; Burgess' sister Nicole visits while going through a tough time at home.
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