S3 E2305/25/16

Start Digging
Season finale! A case that hits too close to home sends Voight down a dark path for justice.

S3 E2205/19/16

She's Got Us
A 12-year-old survivor holds the key to catching her family's killer.

S3 E2105/11/16

When Burgess becomes the focus of an officer-involved shooting investigation, the ensuing trial threatens to tear the city apart. Carl Weathers and Philip Winchester guest star.

S3 E2005/04/16

In a Duffel Bag
A case involving an abandoned newborn pushes Voight to the breaking point; Roman and Burgess grow closer.

S3 E1903/30/16

If We Were Normal
A woman escapes her kidnapper and has a horrifying story for Intelligence; Burgess confides in Lindsay that she has feelings for Roman.

S3 E1803/23/16

Kasual with a K
An attack on a women's shelter leads Lindsay to reveal a secret; Roman and Burgess go undercover into the world of online dating.
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