S1 E1505/21/14

A Beautiful Friendship
In the season finale, Voight discovers Jin's secret and an old friend forces Lindsay to repay a debt.

S1 E1405/14/14

The Docks
While Antonio's life hangs in the balance, Intelligence embarks on a manhunt for Pulpo.

S1 E1305/07/14

My Way
In order to stop a series of cartel killings, Intelligence must rely on Pulpo - the madman who kidnapped Antonio's son.

S1 E1204/30/14

8:30 PM
In the final hour of the crossover event with Chicago Fire, Intelligence hunts down the culprit behind the hospital bombing while Burgess awaits news of her niece's survival.

S1 E1104/09/14

Turn the Light Off
After a brutal, eight-million-dollar robbery, Intelligence discovers someone is killing off everyone involved; a reconnection for Halstead leads to a surprise; Platt asks Ruzek for an awkward favor.

S1 E1004/02/14

At Least It's Justice
Halstead must prove his own innocence in the Rodiger murder when Voight strips him of his badge; a dismembered body leads Intelligence on a complicated manhunt.
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