S3 E902/06/18

On Shaky Ground
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Manning goes against expert opinion when caring for a premature baby; meanwhile, Choi and April disagree about how to help a homeless teen who needs surgery. Malcolm McDowell guest stars.

S3 E801/23/18

Lemons and Lemonade
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Choi is distraught over his anorexic patient who is resistant to treatment; Rhodes and Halstead treat a comedian without health insurance; Manning and April help a vacationing couple.

S3 E701/16/18

Over Troubled Water
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When a drug-addicted woman delivers a baby in the ED, the team pulls out all the stops to save the child's life; Rhodes and Bekker go to a collapsed building to save a trapped man; Sharon's ex-husband returns to the ED with his ill girlfriend.

S3 E601/09/18

Ties That Bind
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The side effects of Robin's encephalitis strain her relationship with Rhodes; Reese's fears escalate when she treats an agitated patient; an appendicitis patient mystifies Manning.

S3 E501/02/18

Mountains and Molehills
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A young girl's mysterious condition infects Halstead; an attack in the ED shakes Reese, who hasn't been feeling safe on the job; an ill patient refuses to take an HIV test; Noah must deliver difficult news to a patient's family.

S3 E412/12/17

Naughty or Nice
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Reese is concerned when Charles puts himself in danger while helping a delusional patient; Halstead and Manning help a pregnant patient at risk for a deadly disease; Rhodes and Bekker cooperate.
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