S3 E2005/15/18

The Tipping Point
Rhodes and Bekker put it all on the line to safely separate conjoined twins; Goodwin's ex-husband is in the ED with his life on the line; Choi and Manning treat a disease outbreak at a homeless encampment; Charles confronts Reese's father.

S3 E1905/08/18

Crisis of Confidence
Rhodes makes a risky decision to try to save a pregnant woman and her unborn child; despite the tension between them, Manning and Halstead team up to treat a flu victim; Charles follows a disturbing lead about Reese's father.

S3 E1805/01/18

This Is Now
Chaos rips through Med when a mass shooting at a local park floods the ED with victims, and the staff must go into overdrive to control the mayhem, comfort the heartbroken and save as many lives as possible.

S3 E1704/24/18

The Parent Trap
Reese's father has days to live, and she is conflicted about saying goodbye to him; Bekker delights in Rhodes' jealousy when she receives flowers from another man; Halstead and Manning's personal issues complicate their treatment of a patient.

S3 E1604/17/18

An Inconvenient Truth
Sharon's teenage godson comes to the ED with burns from a house fire; Rhodes and Bekker lose a piece of surgical equipment inside their patient's chest; Manning and Charles must tell a mother that her daughter is genetically male.

S3 E1504/10/18

Devil in Disguise
The lives of conjoined twins hang in the balance when one twin suffers heart failure, so Rhodes takes matters into his own hands; when an exorcism goes wrong, a possessed woman ends up in the ED in the care of Charles and Reese.
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