S3 E1604/17/18

An Inconvenient Truth
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Sharon's teenage godson comes to the ED with burns from a house fire; Rhodes and Bekker lose a piece of surgical equipment inside their patient's chest; Manning and Charles must tell a mother that her daughter is genetically male.

S3 E1504/10/18

Devil in Disguise
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The lives of conjoined twins hang in the balance when one twin suffers heart failure, so Rhodes takes matters into his own hands; when an exorcism goes wrong, a possessed woman ends up in the ED in the care of Charles and Reese.

S3 E1404/03/18

Lock It Down
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When an infant is kidnapped on his way to the PICU, Chicago Med goes on lockdown and the staff must improvise with limited resources; tension mounts between Manning and Halstead; Reese worries she's like her father.

S3 E1303/27/18

Best Laid Plans
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Rhodes and Bekker are at odds when both of their patients are in dire need of a heart transplant; Manning and Halstead disagree about a mother who wishes to end her son's suffering; Choi must diagnose a woman found unconscious in the waiting room.

S3 E1203/20/18

Born This Way
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Manning and Choi help a homeless teen give birth at a homeless encampment; Halstead is torn when his patient refuses treatment and wants to die; tension is thick between Rhodes and Bekker after they spend the night together.

S3 E1103/06/18

Folie à Deux
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When Choi's neighbor is viciously attacked, Choi and April jump in to help; Reese's estranged father makes an appearance in the ED; Noah makes a big mistake with a patient; a baby's life is in jeopardy because she was exposed to an unvaccinated child…
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