S6 E901/18/18

Foul Is Fair
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Dawson and Casey struggle to communicate as Dawson's search for a missing girl deepens; Hermann, Cruz and Otis search for the source of a terrible stench in the firehouse; Brett and Kidd compete for the affections of an attractive hazmat officer.

S6 E801/11/18

The Whole Point of Being Roommates
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Brett refuses to divulge who she's dating to her nosy roommates; Boden is skeptical of his brother-in-law's intentions; Dawson takes a personal interest in a young fire victim's well-being.

S6 E701/04/18

A Man's Legacy
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Otis scrambles to get Molly's North ready for its grand opening; Antonio and Brett reconnect; and Dawson struggles with the aftermath of the attack on her father..

S6 E611/02/17

Down Is Better
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Firehouse 51 reels when Kidd is unexpectedly transferred; Otis discovers an expansion opportunity for Molly's; and Dawson's frustrations with her father reach a boiling point.

S6 E510/26/17

Devil's Bargain
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Casey and Severide clash when Casey asserts his new authority during a rescue; Kidd suspects Hope of purposefully creating a payroll problem; Otis introduces a robot to the firehouse; and Brett has a personal revelation after a date with a doctor

S6 E410/19/17

A Breaking Point
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As Casey takes on new responsibilities during his first day as captain, Dawson is caught in a collapsed parking garage and must use all her wits and abilities to save those trapped with her.
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