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Buying It Blind
Buying It Blind

About the Show

Imagine buying your first home with a partner, and the tension that boils over when neither side is willing to compromise on major decisions. With your life savings on the line, would you trust strangers to buy your dream home, sight unseen, to avoid hitting rock bottom? Buying It Blind takes viewers on a home-buying and renovation journey like never before. Couples who are at a breaking point and unable to agree on their future home take a radical step to relinquish control, and their bank accounts, to three experts. With the help of top Atlanta real estate agent Anna Kilinski, visionary contractor Jen Metzger and designer to the stars Michel Smith Boyd, couples who are defeated by the home-buying process give up complete financial and creative control of the biggest and most expensive investments of their lives. After discussing their wants and needs, the experts set out to legally buy a home without the couple ever seeing it. With the deed in hand, the couple is finally able to see what their money has purchased. After the first shocking reveal, the experts execute a series of renovations to transform the purchased home into the vision of the anxious couple. The pressure is on as the experts create custom design elements to tick all the boxes off the couple’s checklist. Will the high-stakes process end in a dream house or a house of horrors?
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