S3 E411/17/17

Gunplay Ricochet
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The team must stop a serial bomber before his next hit. A sinister figure with a secret emerges from Jane’s past. Patterson suspects a mole in the task force. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.

S3 E311/10/17

Upside Down Craft
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While the team chases an anonymous group of lethal hackers, Patterson and Rich Dotcom struggle to hide an explosive secret from their past. Heather Burns and Mary Stuart Masterson guest star.

S3 E211/03/17

Enemy Bag of Tricks
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Roman blackmails Weller into solving the mystery of Jane's Perseus tattoo as the team adjusts to their new roles while in pursuit of a group of satellite hijackers. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.

S3 E110/27/17

Back to the Grind
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After 18 months of wedded bliss, Jane and Kurt reunite with the FBI and Rich Dotcom only to discover a $10 million bounty on their heads - and a whole new set of tattoos. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.