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S2 E2205/17/17

Lepers Repel
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After Shepherd launches her major attack, the team puts their lives on the line to capture her, prevent destruction of the U.S. government and save the nation; Jane learns she has a chance to start over in a new place - without Weller.

S2 E2105/10/17

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Sandstorm's Phase Two begins, with Shepherd launching a full-scale attack on the FBI; Jane copes with guilt after Roman learns she erased his memory; Reade considers leaving the team for good.

S2 E2005/03/17

In Words, Drown I
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Zapata goes to prison undercover in the hopes of getting close to a jailed Sandstorm operative; Jane decides to come clean with Weller about Roman's devastating past. Ronda Rousey guest stars.

S2 E1904/26/17

Regard a Mere Mad Rager
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Seeking intel on Sandstorm, the team joins an international scavenger hunt that could grant them access to the Truman Protocol; Shepherd puts the finishing touches on Phase Two. Jewel Staite guest stars.

S2 E1804/05/17

Senile Lines
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Jane and team untangle a disturbing conspiracy while facing a deposition from Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz, who's eager to find evidence of aiding and abetting Sandstorm; Reade copes with the possibility that he's suffering from PTSD.

S2 E1703/29/17

Jane and Oliver are kidnapped and held for ransom in retaliation for his father's financial crimes; Weller and team scramble to uncover their location before it's too late.
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