S3 E1001/19/18

Balance of Might
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When a corrupt refugee camp advisor plans a bombing in New York City, the team must stop the attack and save the innocent refugees who are being framed for it; Weller struggles to make things right with Jane; Jane reminisces about a past lover.

S3 E901/12/18

Hot Burning Flames
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When nuclear warheads go missing from government storage, the team must stop a terrorist from launching them in New York; Weller comes clean with Jane about her daughter.

S3 E812/22/17

City Folk Under Wraps
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Hirst frames Patterson for murder, and the team must band together and protect their own from the corrupt FBI director's wrath. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.

S3 E712/15/17

Fix My Present Havoc
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After Roman helps decode the molecule tattoo, the team rushes to thwart a corrupt doctor with plans to release a deadly virus in Manhattan. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.

S3 E612/08/17

Adoring Suspect
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The team partners with a movie star to take down an international terrorist syndicate that fronts as a film production company. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.

S3 E512/01/17

This Profound Legacy
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The team races to protect an American college student being hunted by an evil foreign monarchy. Patterson and Zapata pursue the truth about Stuart’s murder. Mary Stuart Masterson guest stars.
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