S3 E1804/20/18

Clamorous Night
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Jane and her team must fight for their lives when Roman sends deadly assassins after them; meanwhile, Patterson goes on a date, Reade contends with the O.P.R. inquisitor, Jane and Weller go to dinner, and Zapata attends a funeral.

S3 E1703/30/18

Mum's the Word
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The team infiltrates Blake's fundraising gala to stop Crawford and Bruyere from pulling off a terrorist massacre, but things go awry when Roman has a change of heart and thwarts the team's plan.

S3 E1603/23/18

Artful Dodge
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Patterson cracks the dragonfly tattoo; Zapata fesses up to knowing that Borden is alive and working with the CIA; the team must work with Borden to stop a terrorist bombing in New York; Roman has a health scare, and Crawford cares for him.

S3 E1503/16/18

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When a secret CIA plane carrying dangerous prisoners crashes, the team must find the prisoners and the mastermind behind the crash before it's too late; Roman puts his life on the line to save Blake and proves his loyalty to Crawford.

S3 E1403/09/18

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After an explosion in the lab, Patterson's life hangs in the balance; meanwhile, the team works to find the culprit behind the suspicious deaths of three Marines.

S3 E1303/02/18

Warning Shot
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The team goes to a dark web party with Rich Dotcom to recover a stolen device containing an extremely dangerous computer virus; Meg reveals the truth about her U.S. citizenship; Roman and Blake go to a high-stakes card game with an ulterior motive.
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