S1 E2305/23/16

Why Await Life's End
Jane and the team finally uncover the dark truth about Taylor Shaw.

S1 E2205/16/16

If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render
Following her arrest, Weller takes over Mayfair's position as the team fights to protect her reputation… until she takes matters into her own hands. Dylan Baker guest stars.

S1 E2105/09/16

Of Whose Uneasy Route
Hackers threaten to shut down the FBI. Mayfair faces serious allegations.

S1 E2005/03/16

Swift Hardhearted Stone
The team risks it all to protect a young girl from her powerful terrorist family. Meanwhile, Mayfair gets close to someone new - and puts herself in potential danger.

S1 E1904/26/16

In the Comet of Us
An investigation leads the team directly into the crossfire of a deadly school shooting. Meanwhile, Mayfair must choose whether to help an ex-lover who faked her own death. Sarita Choudhury guest stars.

S1 E1804/18/16

One Begets Technique
When dark web criminal Rich DotCom offers to give up an associate, the team must fake his escape from prison and orchestrate a complex art heist. Ennis Esmer guest stars.
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