Episodes (14)

Episode 14

S2 E1407/09/13
Pranks include clairvoyant cart, viewer pranks, train station proposition, asleep at the wheel, too-smart phone, coffee calamity, dance instructor, B.O. warning, tray thief, sweet caboose and pranks submitted by viewers.

Episode 13

S2 E1306/25/13
Pranks include mistaken identity, smoking nun, bitter surfer, rude traveler, Nigerian price, supermarket safety check, truth-telling ticket-taker, statue peeper and theater feast.

Episode 12

S2 E1203/19/13
Pranks include senior raves, Betty's workout, scorpion potion, texting revenge, feathery fun, Betty's croquet match, sexy scavenger hunt, textpectations, bullying advice, sidewalk fashion show, trackside proposition, Hawaiian wishes and Betty's fortu…

Episode 11

S2 E1103/19/13
Pranks include sperm solicitation, park proposition, wife-watcher, waxing advice, false fire alarm, embarrassed DJ, party planning, Betty's online dating, organ donation, trail advisor, date play by play, grocery store guzzling, and Betty's game nigh…

Episode 10

S2 E1002/26/13
Nick Cannon joins Betty and her friends for pranks including a nun seeking a boob job, a handcuffed husband, loose teeth, IKEA scooter follies, call of the wild, faker husband, cart assistant, train station seduction, a kooky concierge and a nude mod…

Episode 9

S2 E902/19/13
Pranks include a curious nun, Howie's ventriloquism, napping traveler, Ikea art critic, fist pumping lessons, happy hitchhiker, battling information booths, secret surveillance, wayward Segway and wheelchair thief.
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