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Season 9 Premiere

Welcome to Season 9 of America's Got Talent! Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howard Stern have returned for another action-packed summer in search of the most talented performers in America. As an added bonus, Season 9 brings a new feature to the AGT judges' table: The Golden Buzzer!

The judges can push the Golden Buzzer to override their fellow judges' decision and send an act on to Judgment Week, no questions asked. There's a catch, though: each judge will only be able to push the Golden Buzzer once per season, so they'll have to make it count!

America's most talented television host, Nick Cannon, introduces the judges, who are excited to be back in the saddle for another exciting season of talent searching. Without further ado, the show begins! The first act of the night is Adrian Ramoff, a 9-year-old genius who has skipped five grades, and also plays a mean piano. Adrian immediately wins the judges over with a brief demonstration of his incredible piano skills, and all four judges vote to send Adrian through to Judgment Week, where he'll have a chance at the semifinals and a million-dollar grand prize!

Next up, a talented sibling clogging group gets the crowd on its feet. The judges always love a good clan of cloggers, and these siblings do not disappoint. The judges will see them again during Judgment Week, along with a hip-hop dance team and a pair of talented hand balancers.

The judges are treated to their first comedian of the season, Dan Naturman, whose awkward disposition works to his advantage during his performance. Dan may seem a bit aloof onstage, but his jokes are finely crafted works of art. It doesn't take a trained comedian to see that Dan knows what he's doing, and the judges respect his mastery of the craft. They'll definitely be seeing him again later in the season!

Next, the judges meet Rocarde, an incredible gymnast and hand balancer who builds his own balancing tower while balancing on top of it! The judges have seen hand balancing acts before, so they know how dangerous it can be. Rocarde takes it a step further, though. His act is incredible, and he balances higher than any other hand balancer who has ever graced the AGT stage. The judges know talent when they see it, and this is what it looks like.

Donnie Valentine takes the stage next to show off his singing ability. He doesn't look like an incredible vocalist, but the judges know better than to judge by appearances at this point. Donnie begins his performance, and it's clear that he's not an amazing vocalist. All four judges X him almost immediately. Nick encourages Donnie to continue, though, because the song he's chosen features some incredible high notes. Donnie continues the song and hits the ridiculous falsetto notes spot-on. It's fun to watch, but the judges will stick with their unanimous "No" vote for Donnie.

The next contestant to grace the AGT stage is 93-year-old strong man Mike Greenstein, who takes the judges outside to demonstrate his super-human strength. In the parking lot, Mike drags a car using only his teeth. The judges are astounded, and they invite Mike to return later in the season for more incredible feats of strength.

Next, the judges meet a pair of old college friends who are also an unbelievable operatic duo. The two women sing an incredible opera song that blows the roof off of Madison Square Garden. This is the kind of talent the judges love to see! They invite the lovely ladies to return for Judgment Week and a shot at the semifinals.

The next act to grace the stage turns out to be the most controversial performance of the entire night. Two men come onstage (one wearing a mask) and introduce themselves as Dustin's Dojo. The duo's spokesman, Dustin, introduces himself as a karate master. The performance is obviously more of a comedy routine than a martial arts performance, and Howie and Howard immediately pick up on the comedic nuances.

While the two male judges struggle with uncontrollable laughter, Heidi and Mel B stare blankly at the stage. They clearly don't get it. After a brief, intentionally bad presentation of skills, Howie and Howard vote to send Dustin's Dojo through. Heidi and Mel B vote to send the duo home. The judges are 50/50, and Howard eventually decides to do the unthinkable: he uses his Golden Buzzer to send Dustin's Dojo through to Judgment Week!

The next performance of the night comes from a multimedia dance duo called Blue Journey. The two talented dancers met only four days before their audition, which makes their unbelievable performance that much more astounding. The performance consists of a dance routine that is flawlessly synchronized to a multimedia video performance behind them, creating the effect of the dancers interacting with their own shadows in a hypnotic, dream-like performance. All four judges love the act; this is why they love AGT!

The next performer is a mime who refuses to introduce himself because, well, he's a mime. Once he begins his performance, it quickly becomes clear that this mime doesn't know what he's doing. The judges X the untalented performer, but the mime refuses to leave. Suddenly, breaking all the mime rules, the performer begins to brashly insult the judges. As his rage continues to build, the angry mime hops off the stage and approaches the judges' table. Howie wonders why security isn't stopping the irate mime. Then, when the mime gets right in front of the table, Mel B realizes that the angry mime is actually Nick Cannon! It's the best prank of the season so far, but Nick had better watch his back. The judges owe him one!

The final performance of the night comes from Jacob Curly, a young aspiring singer and musician who has had a tough trek in life. Jacob and his sister were given up for adoption at the age of five, and they bounced around through foster homes before eventually being adopted by a loving couple whom he now calls "mom and dad." Jacob has the heartfelt backstory, but does he have talent? When Jacob begins singing and playing guitar, it immediately becomes clear that he is a ridiculously talented singer. All four judges give Jacob a pass to Judgment Week for a shot at the semifinals and the coveted million-dollar prize!

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The season 9 premiere of America's Got Talent.
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Nick, Howie, Heidi, Mel B and Howard are back to scour the country in search of the most talented and amazing acts in America.