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Auditions Week 6

Nick and the judges have encountered some incredible acts over the past five weeks, and the pressure is on to find the last few amazing performers during the last week of AGT auditions. Tonight, they'll have one final chance to find the next million-dollar act.
The first act of the evening is Rogue, a magician who has dedicated his entire life to the craft of illusion. Rogue performs his own version of Russian Roulette using staple guns. He loads one staple gun and puts it in a bag with three empty staple guns, then asks Mel B to shoot him in the head with a randomly selected gun. One by one, Mel B puts the staple guns to Rogue's head and pulls the trigger. Miraculously, Mel B shoots Rogue with the three empty staple guns, leaving the loaded gun in the bag. Speechless, all four judges vote to pass Rogue through to the next round.
The judges are in a good mood today, and they put four more acts through to boot camp: JD Anderson, who breaks objects with his superhuman strength, Quintavious Johnson, an incredibly talented young singer, an amazing stunt balancing performer named Brian Pankey, and Maximilliana, the bearded woman.
Two true characters take the stage next: Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson. Wearing colorful wigs and oozing with personality, they perform a comedic rap that divides the judges right down the middle, with Howard buzzing his opinion early. Mel B and Howie praise the brothers' high comedy, which leaves Heidi to decide their fate... and she says no. But before she can hit her buzzer - Howie saves them! The audience roars with appreciation, looking forward to seeing Emmanuel and Phillip in the next round.
The next act is Remy of Food Oddities, who demonstrates his strange talent of eating exotic animals. Remy even brings Nick onto the stage to eat some bugs and snakes. The performance is entertaining and weird, but it's not a million-dollar act. On to the next performer! Cowboy rope spinner Loop Rawlins takes the stage to demonstrate his incredible roping skills. Loop has amazing abilities, and he even adds a dangerous fire element to his performance that gets the crowd on its feet. The judges know talent when they see it, and Loop has the goods. Unanimous "yes" votes send Loop through to the next round!
Jonah Smith performs original music with his band, and after a brief debate between the judges, he receives four "yes" votes from the judges. Folk rock trio Beach Avenue also brings an original song to the AGT stage. Howie is not usually keen on original music performances, but he makes an exception in this case. With four "yes" votes, Beach Avenue is headed to the next round.
The music acts are out in full force, and the next act is no exception. Livy, Matt and Sammy perform a gentle, folky rendition of a Bastille song that charms the audience and judges alike. Livy's voice is enchanting and exotic, and the judges easily vote the act through to the next round. Comedian Joe Matarese takes to the stage to crack wise for 90 seconds. Joe's humor about aging and parenting resonates with the crowd, and the judges love his performance. He's moving on!
Sal Gonzalez takes the stage next to sing and play guitar for a shot at the million-dollar prize. The judges love Sal's backstory, and his talent is evident during his performance. He'll have another shot to make it to the quarterfinals during Boot Camp! 
The Birdman introduces the judges to his trained parrot, Tika, who entertains the judges with his amazing speaking and singing abilities. Tika even sings "Happy Birthday to You," inspiring Howie to prank Mel B by telling everyone that it's her birthday.
Josh Wright wins a pass to the next round with a messy, pyrotechnics-laden piano routine. Tosca impresses the judges with an acrobatic ring performance. Dance trio Dragon House brings a visually spectacular dance performance to the stage, and Kelli Glover sings her way to the next round. The talent is out tonight!
Awkward security guard Darik Santos takes the stage to win the judges over with his stand-up comedy routine. His demeanor is strange and peculiar and his jokes are mostly wordplay-based, but his performance is oddly captivating. The judges still aren't sure what to make of Darik, but they want to see more of his act. 
At long last, the judges meet some completely talentless acts. K. Lyn Baker attempts to impress the judges with her singing ability, but her performance falls short. Big Nazo's bizarre puppet show doesn't hit, The Reverend Johnny Flass crashes and burns with his ukulele performance, and rapper Shawty N Tha Big Truck presents his ridiculous original rap song entitled "God Accepted My Friend Request," which everyone but Howie hates.
The final performer of the night is Ray Jessel, an 84-year-old who performs a comedic original piano piece about a beautiful girl with an unexpected, um... surprise. The judges are delighted to meet a talented, hilarious old man with a scandalous sense of humor. All four judges are enamored with Ray's performance, and the 84-year-old funny man receives four emphatic "yes" votes to move on to the next round.

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Week 6 of auditions for season 9 of America's Got Talent.
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On the last night of auditions, Nick and the judges scour the country for the most talented performers in America.