Nick and the judges are still on the hunt for America's million-dollar act, and tonight the talent is out in full force! The first act of the evening is Psychic Divas of New York, who offer the judges a psychic reading. Howard doesn't believe in psychic abilities, but the two psychic sisters claim that all of their claims come true. They begin with a reading for Heidi, but the demonstration quickly falls apart when their predictions prove to be ridiculous. The audience has a good laugh, but there's no talent to be judged here.

The next act to hit the stage is mental illusionist Mike Super, who astounds the judges with a tricky illusion. Mike asks Heidi to help him with his demonstration. She holds a glass pitcher in the middle of a clear glass box, and the pitcher shatters to pieces thanks to the influence of Mike's "ghost friend," Desmond. The judges can't figure out how Mike did it, so they decide to vote him through.

After some impressions from Howie, the judges meet Valo and Bobby, an aerial acrobat duo from Bulgaria. The couple demonstrates their incredible acrobatic balancing skills as Valo hoists his wife high into the air while she's perched precariously on a tall metal contraption. It's an astonishing and dangerous presentation, and the couple's show of strength, elegance and trust is unbelievable. The judges can't get enough of Valo and Bobby, and they demand to see more from the duo in the next round.

The judges encounter a trio of incredible performers. Mothmen Dance combines flawless dance routines with wire and bungee stunts. Robert Channing speed paints a glitter portrait of Howard Stern. Jonatan Riquelme performs a dangerous balancing stunt suspended from a platform high above the stage floor. The talent is out in full force tonight, and the judges love every second of it.

Eleven-year-old singer Mara Justine takes the stage to show off her unbelievable talent. Mara's singing voice is ridiculously powerful, and her stage presence is remarkable. It's an easy decision for the judges, and four enthusiastic "Yes" votes put Mara through to the next round.

Colombian rollerblade dancer Juan Carlos brings his larger-than-life personality to the AGT stage to show the judges his rollerblade dance performance. Juan's routine is a peculiar combination of skilled and silly, and the crowd loves it. The judges, however, are split on their feelings about Juan Carlos. Howard is not a fan, but Howie loves the comedic value of the act. After some convincing from Howie, Heidi and Mel B vote to pass Juan through to the next round.

During the Los Angeles auditions, the judges meet Nina Burri, an incredible contortionist. Nina is frighteningly flexible, and she brings a unique creativity to the art form. The judges definitely want to see more from the talented contortionist. Two other contortionist acts, Byamba's Contortion Girls and the Contortion Sisters, also manage to twist their way into the judges' good graces.

Back in New York, talented brothers Emil and Dariel perform a fantastic cello duet for the judges. The boys use their classical instruments to perform an energetic cover of a Jimi Hendrix song. The crowd is immediately blown away, and the judges love the element of surprise in the act. All four judges are excited to see what Emil and Dariel will do next.

The One Voice Children's Choir takes the stage next. Despite their name, the Utah-based choir group is actually one hundred voices strong, and their talent becomes clear when their performance begins. Afterward, the judges offer mixed reviews. Howard and Heidi loved the performance, but Mel B and Howie aren't sold on the act. In the end, Mel B decides to give the choir another chance, so they'll have another shot in the next round!

The judges have seen some incredibly talented performers so far, but they can't all be great acts. The judges also see their fair share of terrible performers. Entomologist Arlo Pelegrin has a knack for putting spiders on his face. Jungle John puts Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches in his mouth. Mileece the Plant Whisperer sits with some flowers onstage, and Junior the Cactus Boy eats cactus onstage. The judges aren't thrilled about any of these performances.

The next performer is Grennan the Green Monster, a cute little kid who throws knives at his dad. Grennan's father runs a sideshow, and Grennan has been performing with his father since he was born. Despite his young age, he's actually an experienced knife thrower. Grennan's dad stands in front of a wall while Grennan flings a handful of blades at his dad. The judges are quite impressed with the young knife thrower's skills, and they can't wait to see more from young Grennan.

Now it's time for a little something for the ladies. All-male dance crew Rock Hard Revue takes the stage, ditches their shirts and immediately garners votes from Mel B and Heidi. Inspired by the performance, Howie also loses his shirt and joins the crew on stage, then casts a "No" vote. A second "No" vote from Howard seals the deal for Rock Hard Revue.

The final act of the evening is Frank the Singer, a 74-year-old singer who dreams of singing onstage. He fulfills his dream just by auditioning, but it helps that he also has an exceptional singing voice. Frank has the voice of a classic crooner, and the judges are enamored by his enthusiasm. His performance solicits a standing ovation from the crowd and four enthusiastic "Yes" votes from the judges.

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