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Auditions Week 4

Welcome to the fourth week of auditions! Nick and the judges are excited to see more incredible acts and groundbreaking talent. The first performer of the night is Emily West, a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. After a brief introduction, Emily sings a stunning rendition of "Sea of Love" that blows the audience away. Her voice is hypnotic and beautiful, and the crowd immediately falls in love with Emily. Four "Yes" votes from the judges place Emily one step closer to her dream.

Talented women are out in full force tonight. The judges also give "Yes" votes to trapeze duo Kelsey Saake and Nicole Moses, singer/guitarist Carly Jo Jackson and Orlene Gentile, a superbly skilled foot juggler. The judges also meet Baila Conmigo, an incredible salsa dancing team from New Jersey that sets the stage aflame with an energetic routine, which includes the cutest little salsa dancing kids anyone has ever seen.

Impressionist Rachel Butera comes to the stage to demonstrate her collection of hilarious impressions. Howard has to abstain from voting because Rachel has been on his radio show, so the decision will be up to the remaining three judges. Rachel immediately wins the crowd over with her eerily spot-on impressions of Wanda Sykes, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and Joan Rivers. Her talent is undeniable, and this is an easy decision for the judges: Rachel is moving on!

Filipino boy band Legaci is up next. Their introduction is a little awkward, but when the quartet begins singing, their captivating vocal talent reveals itself. Howard is astonished by the contrast that the four most boring people in the world turn out to have such unbelievable talent. All four judges want to see more of Legaci in the near future.

Mat Franco demonstrates close-up magic to the delight of the judges. His sleight-of-hand skills are impeccable and his stage presence is very professional. At the judges' table, Mat tells the story of his journey to AGT using an ordinary deck of playing cards. After his demonstration, the judges can't help expressing their amazement at Mat's skills. Hopefully he can deliver more fantastic tricks in the next round of auditions!

Next, the judges meet Paul Ieti, a shy American serviceman who demonstrates his amazing singing voice for the Los Angeles crowd. Paul is a big, muscular soldier, but his singing voice is astonishingly smooth and gentle, and the contrast is remarkable. The crowd loves Paul's performance, and all four judges give the serviceman a standing ovation. In fact, three of the four judges step on stage to give Paul a hug. Four emphatic "Yes" votes from the judges send Paul to the next round.

Hand balancer Christian Stoinev takes the stage next to show off his incredible acrobatic balancing skills. Christian grew up in a family of circus performers, so balancing has been a part of his life since birth. His skill and experience become clear when his performance begins. Christian sticks his finger in an empty champagne bottle and balances his entire body on top of the bottle. The judges have seen balancing acts before, but not like this. He's a shoe-in for the next round.

The judges are introduced to a slew of incredible acts in Los Angeles. Evgeny Vasilenko performs an amazing high-wire routine. Bad Boys of Dance put up a stellar performance, and rock duo Kieran and Finian Makepeace get the crowd on its feet with a rockin' tune. The judges must be in a great mood today, because all three performers move on to the next round.

Eleven-year-old opera singer Grace Ann Gregorio wows the crowd with an astounding vocal performance, and the judges can't get enough of her amazing singing. Maggie Lane also wins the crowd over with her opera performance (and a skimpy bikini), and the judges pass both incredible acts through to the next round of auditions.

Doctor Benji takes the stage next to entertain the judges with his musical talents. When his performance begins, it's immediately evident that Doctor Benji doesn't have the chops for AGT. Howie suggests that Doctor Benji focus his efforts on one talent, rather than trying to do a number of things at once. The next performer is the Magical Voice Doctor, who attempts to teach Howard to sing. Unfortunately, her audition is a complete failure. At the end of the lesson Howard is still an awful singer, and all four judges deliver an enthusiastic "No" vote for the good doctor.

Next, the judges are treated to a flurry of talented child performers. Child performers Kaycee and Gabe wow the crowd with their energetic dance routine. Dance Spectrum puts up an impressive performance, and Rami Sbahi baffles the judges with his amazing Rubik's Cube skills.

Twelve-year-old comedian Josh Orlian takes the stage for his first stand-up comedy routine ever. He's performed in front of his parents, but this will be his first time in front of a crowd. Josh is clearly nervous, but he puts up a stellar performance during his comedy debut. His jokes are crude and suggestive, but the judges are delighted by his surprising humor. Howard advises Josh to keep working on his stage presence, but four solid "Yes" votes put the young comedian through to the next round.

The final performance of the night comes from Laura Dasi, a 43-year-old mother of two and aerial acrobat who's looking for a second chance at life. Laura's aerial silk performance is graceful, dangerous and beautiful to watch. The crowd loves it from the get-go, and after Laura's performance the judges can't compliment her enough. This is the type of talent they wait for, and they're very excited to see what Laura will deliver in her next performance.

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