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Auditions Week 3

The first act of the evening is The Kamikaze Fireflies, a vaudeville duo who bring their variety show to the AGT stage. The partners invite Nick Cannon to the stage to participate in their performance. One performer leaps onto Nick's shoulders while another balances on a shopping cart, and the two talented artists juggle flaming torches, much to the delight of the crowd. After they put on that exciting show and exhibit such great stage presence, all four judges vote to move Kamikaze Fireflies on to the next round!
Next, the judges are introduced to an assortment of dance performances. The first act, Hart Dance Team, is a teen squad that brings an astonishing visual spectacle to the stage. The team introduces itself as a dance duo, and then reveals the rest of its members during the performance, much to the audience's surprise. The judges love the choreography and the production value, and they'd like to see more from Hart Dance Team in the quarterfinals.
The dance performances continue, and the talent in Los Angeles is simply dumbfounding. In the end, the judges send three more dance troupes through. Extreme Dance Crew, The Team and Stylish Talent are all headed to the quarterfinals!
Next, the judges are introduced to Jodi Miller, an experienced female comedian who is eager to make a name for herself. Jodi has a unique style and sharp wit, and the judges are relieved to see some top-notch comedy on the AGT stage. Howie is astonished that Jodi isn't a full-time professional comedian. She has the talent, and she just needs the break. Hopefully, a unanimous pass to the quarterfinals will help her get there!
Bob Markworth and Mayana take the stage next so that Bob can show off his incredible archery marksman skills. Bob is an experienced professional archer, and it shows during his performance. Bob demonstrates his mastery of bows and crossbows by shooting objects out of his assistant's hands and mouth. As an added bonus, he also removes some of his assistant's clothes using only arrows. His skills are extraordinary, and the judges are excited to see Bob at work again. Hopefully he can continue to deliver in the quarterfinals.
The judges are introduced to a flurry of talented singers, who bring their A-game to the AGT stage. Some of the performers are duds, but some of them have enormous talent. Anna Clendening suffers from severe anxiety, but after some soothing words from Howie, she blows the audience away with her smooth, stunning rendition of "Hallelujah." Howie steps onstage to give the young singer an uncustomary hug, which is something that he never really does. The judges unanimously vote Anna through to the quarterfinals.
Next, it's time for the animal acts! The judges are treated to an assortment of incredible animal acts. Of course, some are better than others. The highlight of the animal performances is Mudslinger, a pig trained by John Vincent, who brings an incredible assortment of pig tricks to the stage. Mudslinger raises a flag, golfs and even performs a few joke tricks with flawless panache. Perfectly trained pigs don't come along everyday, and the judges are hog wild for Mudslinger. Heidi even gives the porky performer a kiss before he departs for the quarterfinals.
The next act is Ballet Jasmine Flower, a ballet group that combines modern ballet with traditional Chinese dance. The dancers are beautiful and their choreography and performance are extraordinary. The judges are moved by the number and excited to see what else Ballet Jasmine Flower can bring to the stage in the quarterfinals.
The judges are tortured by a wannabe duo of singers who call themselves Diverse Pop Group. The duo is not good, but when the judges attempt to buzz the group, the buzzers malfunction. After some investigation, Howie discovers that Mel B unplugged the buzzers to charge her phone. After a few laughs with the auditioners, all four judges unanimously vote to never see Diverse Pop Group ever again.
Singer Aaron J. Field walks onstage dressed as a giant baby. The judges prepare themselves for another ridiculous act, but Aaron quickly explains that he only wore the baby costume to stand out. The judges still aren't convinced, but when Aaron begins singing, they're blown away by his incredible voice. He's actually an amazing singer! His bit pays off, and after four "Yes" votes, he's moving on to the quarterfinals!
Musical quartet Sons of Serendip impress the crowd with a musical number that combines piano, cello, harp and vocals to create a beautiful sound. Everyone in the auditorium unanimously agrees that the talented quartet should move on to the quarterfinals.
The judges also meet Andrey Moraru, a talented Ukrainian hand balancer who astounds the crowd with his amazing stunt balancing performance. His style is elegant and graceful, yet extremely powerful. The judges are mesmerized by Andrey's performance, and he receives a unanimous pass to the quarterfinals.
Next, it's the magic portion of tonight's competition! The crowd is entertained by the illusory stylings of Stephen Night, who impresses the judges with an innovative take on a traditional "where's the ball" trick. Patrick Gable Marinelli brings a stylish magic show to the stage to secure a spot in the quarterfinals as well.
After a number of incredible magicians, the judges meet Smoothini, the self-described "ghetto Houdini." Smoothini impresses the judges with close-up card magic and a saltshaker. His tricks are rapid-fire and flawless. Even though he's only inches from their faces, the judges don't see through any of his tricks. Smoothini brings an energetic style and flawless sleight-of-hand ability. With four unanimous "Yes" votes, the judges are excited to see Smoothini again in the quarterfinals.
The final act of the evening is Justin Rhodes, a singer and piano player who has been working his entire life for this moment. Justin is a recovering drug addict who is trying to get his life back on track. He's also excited that his dad will get to see him perform for the first time ever. Justin takes the stage and performs a beautiful rendition of "Wake Me Up" that floors the judges. After his performance, Justin's father is in tears. It's an emotional moment, and it pays off when the judges vote Justin through to the quarterfinals.

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Mudslinger, a pig trained by John Vincent, on episode 903 of America's Got Talent.
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